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Rolex Airking in stock, what-the-what!

Killing time at the local high-end mall and stopped by the Rolex AD. Amazingly at 5:30 on a Thursday there was no line. I wanted to look at the Explor...

How often do you change straps?

With many, not all, of my watches I’ll change bands almost every time I wear them. Some never, but I lean towards changing often. When I buy a new watch I’ll buy with the bracelet if an available opti...
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You should demag on a regular basis (at least I should).

I’m in Silicon Valley and in high-tech sales, 2 phones, constantly on a laptop, iPad, wifi speakers and countless other hidden magnets. With that as m...

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commented on 🚨NWA🚨 I have been dying to tell you all this story ·

This is just awesome! Looks great, what a day. WOW, bet you'll never forget this one.

Funny IWC related story, this Wed. we have a dinner at a crab feed in SF. Sat with some people we didn't know, husband and wife, he's a retired Navy pilot/lawyer and she sells private jet time. He's wearing a watch that I caught a couple glimpses of and ask if it's an IWC? He almost falls out of his chair. Saying most people don't even know about IWC. Needless to say, we talk watches for half hour.

commented on Grail watch achieved: Rolex Submariner 16610LV "Kermit" ·

Congratulations! 🍻. Well done and wear it well. Mine would be an Explorer but alas, it probably won’t happen at this point.

commented on ChiefIlliniwek's WRUW ·

LE? Sorry, don’t know what that is. As soon as you tell me I know I’ll smack my forehead, dooh.

commented on ChiefIlliniwek's WRUW ·

Mine should be in hand on Friday! Can’t wait.

commented on How often should you service your watch? ·

I don’t actually know the answer to your question, I’ve heard 4 to 5 years but it also depends on how much you wear it.

Can you tell me about that strap? I’ve been looking for a padded sailcloth type strap for my Speedy.


commented on cyclopseye's WRUW ·

Like the strap too.

commented on Robcollects's WRUW ·

Nice move.

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Demagnetize, lesson learned, good lesson.

Hi Crunchers, I’ve been putting my automatics on the time grapher as I wear them lately. Today I’m wearing my CW C60 Pro 300, and tested it. Holy crap...

Jazz Master

Typically we don’t sell watches here but I thought what better place than where a ton of watch enthusiasts are? I’ll pull it if people are offended or...

Rennsport Monterey CA this weekend.

Any other crunchers going to the Rennsport Monterey CA this weekend? If so what are you driving and what Watch/watches are you wearing? Either my Maca...

Which dial should I choose?

Doing a brass diver build, NH36, baton hands, DIAL? What do you crunchers think, green, white, other? May want to avoid black as 90% of the brass divers are black. On the other hand there may be a rea...
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New WRUW issues.

Anyone else having issues with the new WRUW? I use the site on an IPad Pro, I don’t like the app. Though you can easily (if it works) post multiple ph...