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Disappointment... In Myself

Wanted Vostok Found Vostok Bought Ukraine Vostok 3 weeks early delivery Vostok Ruined lug on Vostok Oh no, Vostok! It's OK, inexpensive Vostok Went to...
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Strap Vendor

Came across this site via eBay. A really nice range of rubber straps etc good prices. Stuck one on my Ray 2 the second it arrived.
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Timex Easy Reader

"new" watch via ebay - I like the clean face (well it is advertised as "easy Reader"馃榾) the date\date just raises it up a notch for me
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Good deed or bad deed?

See this Swiss Army watch on eBay I wouldn't mind buying. It has 1 bid for $0.99. I bid it up to $10.
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Chrono24 vs eBay

Pros & cons from shopping at eBay vs Chrono24?
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-advice- buying watches on ebay

finally might just buy a watch that I cant get out of my head the past month (Grand Seiko SBGW231)...and I have never bought anything over 1k on ebay....
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The eBay authenticator

I鈥檒l preface this by saying that I am aware that I would be better off purchasing watches from reputable local dealers. I just desire uncommon pieces...
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Latest EBay purchase

I saw Mark from Long Island Watch on an Urban Gentry video. He was talking about this freaky watch that shows a lot of info on a single screen includi...
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Seiko ... from India

I have been contemplating getting myself a vintage Seiko on the cheap, so ebay... I noticed that on ebay almost all colourful Seikos on offer came fro...
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What is your favourite ebay buy and feel free to pass on any tips for finding great watches.

I bought this 38mm Oriosa chronograph a couple of years ago on ebay for 拢350 and I think it's a beautiful looking watch. It's got a handwind Landeron...
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