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6.25” / 15.88 cm Wrist
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Out of Control?

Yes... I blame @Max . Cause obviously it's easier than taking responsibility for my own addiction. 😛 These 4 purchased since January and it doesn't i...

SBGH315 - Ginza -Look at it!

Apparently I am unable to attend events without buying. I may have to lock myself in for the balance of the year. This gem came with its original owne...

On the hunt....

Has anyone purchased from this site? They have inventory... but the price seems too good to be true.... any experience with them? Reputable?

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commented on Trafford Crossroads ·

Just saw it featured on Teddy Baldassare's latest video. It looks great and that price is insane! Great video too!

commented on My first Cocktail! Paper Plane ·

My friend got me hooked! He makes a mean one!

commented on New color strap, took the risks and I like it ·

That deployment buckle is straight 🔥! Great strap change for that beautiful watch. ❤️

commented on I shouldn’t like this watch so much, but… ·

I tried this one on a week ago and thought it would be too big. Damned it it didn't feel great on my 6.25 wrist. Blasted Omega... I guess it stays on the wish list = "WISH I DIDNT ❤️IT" List.😜

commented on Which one ? ·

Either one is a great pop of color for your collection.

commented on AP more than the Royal Oak….i think so ·

I agree! The RO bezel bugs me with the screw heads.

commented on Premier vs speedy ·

I'm a tall gal, but my wrist is 6.25 - so some things are legit too big. But I have always been a big dial fan. The lug to lug often trips me up more than the diameter. That white Speedy is pushing the boundaries... but it was fun to try it on. The lugs on this Seiko are about my max, too.


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Wyler Wednesday!

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Radium and Vintage Watches

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Ebay Authenticator Service?

Have any Crunchers used the Authenticator service on an Ebay purchase? What was your experience?