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Origins of this look?

Last year, during the one-watch-challenge, I always admired @coldkey's Citizen. When I saw a nicely specced version of this from Escapement Time I pou...
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What should my next quartz dresswatch be?

Looking at my subcollection of quartz watches, I own a few field watches, a bunch of digital or semi-digital watches, 3 tanks, but only one traditional-looking dress watch - and that was £10-cheapo. S...
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A Brief Encounter

Today, in the little Southern English city I live in, I came across a German family walking our high street. So far so unremarkable, we get lots of Ge...
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uhrensohn commented on I de-influence the PRX ·

The big issue for me is the planned obsolescence of the movement, because the price is at a point where this has a severe impact on the value of the watch.

I remember one day, it was about 20-30 years ago, when I took a pair of moderately expensive shoes with run-down soles to the cobblers, only to be told that these kind of shoes were not repairable. When the soles were done, the shoes were done. That changed my views whether these shoes were worth their price, and I was leaning NO. I was not going back to that shop. Subsequently it was a case of either going upmarket, with fancy, dear but repairable shoes that would last a long time overall, or downmarket, with shoes that lasted less long, were also unrepairable, but considerably cheaper.

Tissot's PRX sits in that cursed middle tier. If I want an automatic that is not worth repairing (financially, or practically), I can go downmarket (Timex, or Chinese, etc). Going upmarket from a PRX is also a problem for them, no - not the Nautilus, but servicable watches at and below 2K all of a sudden become direct competitors to the PRX.

uhrensohn commented on Big Dates ·

this Sugess caught my eye, about £150

uhrensohn commented on A Stainless-Steel Case Budget Digital Watch? The Armitron Rubik ·

Xonix has some digital models with a stainless steel case.

uhrensohn commented on Why would you wear an expensive watch? ·

At the mo I don't own one, so this is hypothetical. But here are my two most likely reasons:

  • Because the watch is a gift, and I'm visiting the person gifting it to me (which almost certainly would be mom)

  • Because the watch is just a more perfect example of a watch type I like than my cheap watches

If you think the second reason is a bit lame, I concur. But that lameness is also the reason why I haven't got one.

uhrensohn commented on New model from Rolex - the brand that’s never looking back ·

OK, that seems to be a mix of generally Rolex boasting about this watch in particular, and the actual meaning of "superlative chronometer". Rolex puts this label on a number of their watches, and seems to be now hell-bent that all of them match this standard. Not sure this means anything else than (-2/+2) accuracy, but it is an in-house standard, both in terms of definition and certification. I presume it is trademarked. So it means whatever Rolex want it to mean.

As no non-Rolex can acquire this standard and all modern Rolexes do, it is really just another label on the watch that says: "this is a (modern) Rolex".

uhrensohn commented on New model from Rolex - the brand that’s never looking back ·

Oh, I just noticed that they put "superlative chronometer" on the dial.

Has this some formal meaning (COSC etc), or is it just self-praise? Did Rolex head-hunt the watch marketeer from China who came up with brand names like Mysterious Code and Borman?

uhrensohn commented on New model from Rolex - the brand that’s never looking back ·

I have to confess my ignorance here - no idea what a TMI movement is. The Baltany 1926 is actually a bit of a range, with different movements and slightly different dial/case designs on offer (even quartz). I ordered one with a Miyota 9039.

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