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Is it original, and has anyone tried it? A newish Skmei.

I noticed this SKMEI watch on AliExpress, a relatively recent addition to their catalogue. No youtube reviews, just a product presentation by SKMEI. I...


After getting myself two aditional collectors boxes I can finally host most of my collection in them. I broadly themed the boxes: (i) analogue quartz...

Analogue quartzes - tell tale signs of the cheap and nasty.

Quartzes are generally cheaper than mechanical watches. But there comes a point when corners are cut too far, which is rather subjective. Where is from your perspective the cut-off point that separate...
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commented on uhrensohn's WRUW

the orange parts are fixed lines.

commented on Balanced's WRUW

First impression: nice! Second impression: WTF did they do with the date window?

commented on christaranis's WRUW

What model is that? Looks a bit like a W59, but these come in metallic bracelets?

commented on Yet another homage post鈥

Two things:

  1. the depreciation of a speedmaster is more than the full cost of a new Pagani, by some margin.

  2. Resell values of some of these Chinese brands are pretty good from what I have seen. One seller on ebay I follow (vintagehoneypots) who starts all auctions at 拢0.99 mostly sells vintage, but occasionally a used Addiesdive, Steeldive, etc shows up. They tend to sell pretty much at full Ali price.

commented on Yet another homage post鈥

What is LF? Regarding Moser, this may qualify:

commented on Yet another homage post鈥

Well, everybody also thinks their generation just invented sex,... and that their parents had an immaculate conception, the alternative being just too gross...

commented on Which way to go

TBH neither. I hate travelling, and I'd never spend 7K on a watch. But that's me.

Two considerations, explaining where I come from and how that may (not) compare to you:

  • I love watches, but they are an inessential luxury gadget that I only pay for from spare money. I do not allow this hobby of mine to compromise the other parts of my life. If 7K is spare change to you, fine, otherwise just for expanding the collection, no!

  • I have been lucky to have always lived in places other people would consider tourist destinations, and having visited a dozen or so other countries I can tell: the grass isn't always greener. But home may be a lot less pleasant to other people, and not everyone gets stressed out from travel the way I do.

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Casios on leather

I like digital watches, but I have issues with the straps they come with, be it hairpulling bracelets or these rubbery contraptions that eventually wi...

An annoyance with the watchcrunch app

One thing that has happened to me several times is this: I move about town, and with it my (Android) phone moves from one network to another. The watc...

Acceptable precision loss for a quartz in 6 months?

I used to absolutely not bother about the accuracy of my quartz watches, simply assuming that they are all super-accurate, adjusting them once in a blue moon when switching timezones and then a little...
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Radio-controlled watches... on Ali?

I am used to seeing all kinds of watches on Ali, even double tourbillon, star wheel, and mechanical alarms. What I haven't seen though are radio-contr...

Review of another Casio clone

The Skmei 1381 looks exactly like a Casio DB360 - at first glance anyway. I already owned the Casio and wanted to know how its knock-off would compare...

Skmei 1381

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