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A PSA for new AliExpress Shoppers

In the last couple of weeks, I found out that my friends who shop on AliExpress, were not taking advantage of getting their "price adjustment" money t...

NWA: The Coffee Watch

Ever since @ChronoGuy posted his F025, my coffee addicted brain has been bugging me to get that "coffee" watch. So, I did. Photos don't do this Hruola...

NWA: Boba Fett Watch or is it?

A couple of weeks ago, I realized that #MaytheFourth was approaching and I didn't have any Star Wars watches in my collection. So, I went looking onli...

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commented on New account here! Leave lots of love and kisses. ·

I was wondering if someone was spoofing you.

commented on goodoboy30's WRUW ·


commented on If you were superhuman what watch would you wear? ·

Villains live in a caste system which means they wear different "fancy" watches depending on what tier of villainy they belong to. Rugged watches are worn by the lackies and foot soldiers while luxury watches are worn by those at management and leadership levels. This all assuming that they are still human sized "super humans." If they are hulkish or super roided-out, then watches would not benefit them.

commented on If you were superhuman what watch would you wear? ·

No real hero would wear a luxury watch. Only the villains wear luxury watches.

commented on I'm An Oxymoron? No, You're an Oxymoron ·

Hmm. What if I've really been collecting one-watch collections? Damn. That means I have a collection of over 100 one-watch collection.

commented on oddsocks's WRUW ·

How does this watch wear? I've been eyeing for a while.

commented on Yonder's WRUW ·

Love the color composition! 💯

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Before coming to WatchCrunch, I used to lurk and read content about watches on Reddit. Since WatchCrunch, I rarely go there nowadays. Out of curiosity...

Celebrating Free Comic Book Day with 101

I'm out comic book hunting for Free Comic Book Day. Find a local participating comic book store near you and make sure to pick up some free comics.

NWA: One Hundred One

I was poking around on Amazon Japan and saw this interesting looking watch. Five clicks and two weeks later, the watch is here. The huge watch hands m...

I got the call

It was in the wee hours of April 15 when my AD woke me up. No. Not that AD. My Arthritis Disease. With my aching joints waking me up, I looked at the...

NWA: Armitron 20/5497

Not bad looking for $9. Found this today on clearance at Walmart: Armitron 20/5497 Two-tone with Blue Dial. I'm excited to see what it looks like on d...

Lost AliExpress Anniversary Orders

Well, it's been more than 30 days and the majority of my AliExpress orders from their Anniversary Sale has not arrived. Out of the five watches that I...