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Which watch do you own that you never thought you would?

Heard this question on AFT, thought it could be a fun topic here. Be it a high end piece crafted of unobtainium by Swiss monks in the hidden temples o...

New Automatic Diver GMT from Seiko, introducing the 3 day 6R54 movement

Seiko is going all in with GMT releases for this year. The new models use a 6R54 movement which is a whole new movement with 3 day power reserve and G...

What do you regard as a "REAL" watch?

Ive been seeing some vids and articles where some people talk about their first watch and seem to mention a Luxury watch only. Disregarding any previo...

You鈥檙e not who I thought you were

What鈥檚 a watch that has completely changed its market, mission, purpose but still remains relevant?

Field Watch Discussion

So I was having a convo with some watch friends of mine and it got me wondering: What makes a watch a field watch? Furthermore, what is the practical...

Wait for it, wait for it...

Hi all hope your having a great evening, or morning, or whatever. I'm 99% convinced that I'm not the only one who has this 'list', so here goes. What...

What's your polar opposite GADA watch?

I think everyone has one watch they believe can do anything and everything with; something that's equal parts capable and versatile. But do any of you...

Dive watch performance

Does anyone know if a seiko 20bar divewatch can survive a sauna?