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6.50” / 16.51 cm Wrist
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Bulova Surfboard Bezel Replacement

Hey everyone! I need some advice here. I have the orange surfboard and I want to replace the bezel with the Pepsi one from the blue dial model. I cont...

How do you consolidate watches?

So I’m currently at an impass. I’m starting to get to the point that I want my watches to each hold a specific role. For example, instead of having 2-3 divers, having just 1… This has opened up some i...
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Choose between Seiko SPB143 or Aquastar Model 60

On the fence as to whether or not I should replace my SPB143 with an Aquastar Model 60. Both beautiful. Both similar. Curious to get everyone’s opinion. Regardless, I will have a seiko in the collecti...
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commented on Saying goodbye to my Lorier ·

Couldn’t agree more. I sold my Jack Mason GMT for a few reasons, but largely because I hated setting the date on it. I’ll stick with caller GMTs moving forward.

I plan on buying a CW GMT as my gmt watch.

commented on Random thoughts of a “small-wristed” guy. ·

I have a 6.5” wrist and wear 40mm.

I’m envious of your wrist size because you can definitely pull off bigger.

Me with my “larger” watches.

commented on Random thoughts of a “small-wristed” guy. ·

Nice post. What is your wrist size may I ask?

commented on What are the best watches for Military service in your opinion? ·

No. Apparently they’re only in a few spots.

commented on What are the best watches for Military service in your opinion? ·

Gshock 5610.

Solar powered and syncs with atomic clock.

commented on Tintin: Destination Moon Watch with the new Bliger Automatic Release ·

Loved Tintin too. I had all the comics and my dad used to read them to me all the time. I even bought him a model of that same rocket ship when I went to Belgium on vacation.

commented on New Farer Discovery 36mm ·

Love the watch and it looks great on your wrist! I only wish it had a screw-down crown for a total of 100m WR.

The bracelet with the solid end links looks so perfect on that piece.

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Baltic Aquascaphe Crown

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Seiko Solar Diver

Does anyone know if a company makes a replacement bracelet for the 38mm Seiko Solar diver line ? Their hollow end links and overall lackluster bracele...