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Traska GADA Watch

So for those of you who saw and posted (thank you again), I made a post regarding my search for a GADA watch after I failed in obtaining a Smiths Everest. I cam across Traska thanks to some suggestion...
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36mm Field Watch

So after trying to order a Smiths Everest today and it selling out while typing my credit card number and then learning that the owner of the store is...
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Field Watch Discussion

So I was having a convo with some watch friends of mine and it got me wondering: What makes a watch a field watch? Furthermore, what is the practical...
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Donster_125 commented on Baltic Aquascaphe vs Lorier Neptune? ·

Great write up. I went with the Baltic because of the sapphire and it gave me Omega 300 vibes because of the sandwich dial. Depending on the lighting conditions, the square lume plots are not always visible. They’re arguably the only negative aspect (for me) of the watch. It’s otherwise been stellar.

Donster_125 commented on Rolex Explorer 36mm vs Omega Aqua Terra 38mm ·

Omega. I fully believe that they make better watches and they’re priced better too… they’re also available.

Donster_125 commented on Having a Grand Seiko itch! ·

Definitely want that watch. Just wish it came in 38mm. Unfortunately, 40.5mm sans bezel just wears too big for me.

Donster_125 commented on There goes the watch budget for the rest of the year.... ·

Beautiful watch! Love that smaller sizes are gaining in popularity these days.

Donster_125 commented on Would you compromise on an unobtainable grail watch or pass altogether? ·

This is worth reading more than once. With the money you saved you can buy some amazing “mid-tier” brands or modes and afford servicing them. I’d rather have wider, more eclectic collection than just 3 expensive pieces.

Donster_125 commented on Grail watch hunt postponed ·

You got your grail right in front of you. Glad your pup is ok. Your watch will come soon. As a dog owner who had a $3800 bill a year ago, I get it. We have bought insurance since then.

Donster_125 commented on Need More Nickel Free Dive watch options? ·

Isn’t the BB58 made of 904L steel? If so, it would have a higher nickel content than standard 316L. Don’t know if it’s your style, but maybe look into bronze options as well?

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Baltic Aquascaphe Crown

So I’m probably not describing it properly, but I noticed with the crown on my Baltic Aquascaphe, when unscrewed, it’s more ‘wobbly’ than my other wat...
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Seiko Solar Diver

Does anyone know if a company makes a replacement bracelet for the 38mm Seiko Solar diver line ? Their hollow end links and overall lackluster bracele...
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ISO Diver (quartz)

I wanted to pick everyone’s brain here. I am in the market for ab ISO rated quartz diver that is ideally 40mm or less and NOT the solar Seiko Prospex...
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Cotter Pins

Are cotter pins universal? I tried to resize a watch with collar pins for the first time and I bent 2 attempting to put them back in. They have since...
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Sales thread?

Is there a sales section here? I haven‘t seen one as of yet and I have a few watches that I feel like will be appreciated by others.
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Steinhart Bezel Replacement

So some of you may have seen my recent posts regarding my Steinhart Ocean 39 904L Premium. Essentially, the bezel, which is fully lumed, has a distinc...
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Steinhart Luminous Bezels

So I have a Steinhart 904L Premium. Great watch, but I do have a small issue regarding it. Specifically, I noticed that the luminous markers on the be...
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