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Sometimes a brand does something so different it catches your attention 😯

It's a fashion brand with a homage case design but I am appreciating their effort to design something different. Comes in a white and black case with...

Anybody noticed the price increase with a few brands this month?

Tudor seems to have increased the prices this week on all of their models by about $100-200 depending on the models. Realised it when I stopped by the...

For those who wanted a green Alpinist GMT 🌄

Seiko released the green Alpinist GMT today as a JDM only model. It will be part of the standard collection along with the other two colours released...

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commented on Longines Legend Diver 39mm in the flesh... And meh ·

I had the same feeling when I saw it in person as I was expecting the 39mm to have a lot of good improvements over the 42mm models since the bronze 42mm variant has been on my list for quite a while but was disappointed in person...I too went meh. The 36/42mm variants felt like they had better case finishing compared to the 39mm variants. Apart from the improvement in the lume and COSC certification, the new models looked very plain with all polished case finishing and the bor bracelet felt comfortable but wasn't impressive either, the center beads finishing looked like it was chrome plated. Maybe more colour variants like the existing models would have been nice with the release. Plus the pricing felt too high compared to the 42mm models which are about $1000 cheaper.

I probably will swing for the 42mm bronze variant which I initially liked and since the discount I got for it was considerable after the 39mm release, it sounds like a better watch to buy.

commented on New Seiko 5 GMT Field: Seiko’s Explorer II / BB Pro? ·

The bracelet is surprisingly good except for the stamped clasp. I tried the standard anniversary non GMT model that came on the same bracelet and its a very nice bracelet. Solid endlink, solid links and just the clasp is stamped but you can swap it out for a aftermarket milled clasp if you wish. The model is a nice take on the field variants in the Seiko 5 lineup. Pricing is also same as the 5KX GMT lineup.

commented on Does titanium patina? ·

I just explained in detail what you can expect. Your Panerai will patina slightly over time and will pick a more darker grey hue but its a slow process and will take few years. Assuming your Panerai is an older model from the early 2000's since yours has a display caseback.

Your Omega NTTD probably wont patina. Omega's grade 2 titanium is treated.

commented on Watch strap too shiny? Will it dull over time? How long? ·

Breitling sells OEM straps and will be happy to replace the strap with another one of your choice within the same price range free of cost or at an additional cost if you do choose a more expensive option. Just enquire with the dealer and they should offer that as an option.

commented on Does titanium patina? ·

Depends on the alloy used and the grade of titanium.

Grade 2 usually dulls and picks up a darker hue over time especially if the surface has a brushed finish as opposed to a sand-blasted finish which is more resilient. Most watch manufacturers do a coating on the surface or a hardening treatment.

Grade 5 titanium doesn't patina or get darker over time.

commented on Best Brand for Leather and Rubber Wrist Straps for watches. ·

If you want good FKM rubber straps then look into Juelong stores in Aliexpress. $5-10 for fkm straps which are usually rebranded and sold for higher price. I have quite a few tropic and waffle straps which have been very comfortable and held up well.

For real and good quality leather straps under $50, check on ETSY. @sagebrush is right about the quality of leather you get from Vietnamese sellers and most will be happy to customise the strap for you based on your preferences and odd lug widths. My personal favourite seller is Harpyleather.

commented on Best Watches Under $600 ·

If you want a chronograph for around $600 then look into Seiko Speedtimer models. 39mm and 41mm models are available plus quite a few color options to choose from the lineup. At that pricepoint it's hard to find a different brand with good finishing and size options. Citizen chronos are available but those are usually on the larger side.


Or if you want a conversation starter then the new Speectimer SFJ series.


Or the budget option is Orient Mako chronograph


And if you want something automatic and just a 3-hander then lot of options to choose from Seiko for under $600. Citizen has a few good models too at the same price range. Hamilton khaki field and maybe Tissot Gentleman (slightly more than 600 but you get good deals during holiday season) if you want to go Swiss.

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