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Who decides the pricing at Tag Heuer?

I have been interested in the Tag Heuer Solargraph since it was released earlier this year. Got to finally take at look in person yesterday and while...
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Tissot PRX 35mm Automatic are already out for sale

Apparently the 35mm powermatic 80 version of the Tissot PRX is already out yesterday. Tissot released those models in a VIP event. Tissot made a big h...
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Orient Mako diver chronographs

Orient already makes the Neo 70's solar chronograph models and for $200, those models were great affordable solar quartz options. Recently, Orient rel...
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nightfury95 commented on Aquaracer- Pepsi or Batman ·

I want to choose Batman but that blue GMT hand is just stupid design choice against a blue dial.

nightfury95 commented on Which affordable watch brands would people like to see in Formula 1? ·

Alpha Tauri was sponsored by Casio Edifice for a while. Seiko could sponsor them as they did with Honda Racing back in the day.

Audi Racing teams are already sponsored by Oris for quite a long time, so the F1 team may carry on Oris which is still an affordable brand compared to the others.

nightfury95 commented on Who decides the pricing at Tag Heuer? ·

Citizen is more of an established movement manufacturer right now in the west, especially with the things they are doing with LJP movements. More micro brands are moving away from Sellita for LJP 100 movement which at a $1000 price point is a better value proposition compared to an SW-200. And being based on a 9 series Miyota movement, it is quite reliable and easily serviceable. When it comes to Solar quartz, the Japanese manufacturers are way ahead in technology wise.

nightfury95 commented on Who decides the pricing at Tag Heuer? ·

LVMH is using Hublot's business model for their rest of their brands too 😅

nightfury95 commented on Who decides the pricing at Tag Heuer? ·

I was just joking about Super titanium.

But Tag could have sourced a variant of the chronomaster eco-drive movement or even a better version of the standard eco-drive, there are a few variants with accuracy ranging +/-5 seconds a month. But they decided to get the basic eco-drive movement and put it in a $3000 watch.

nightfury95 commented on Who decides the pricing at Tag Heuer? ·

True and GS quartz movements are special compared to the movement Tag is using in this model. It's the same E168 eco-drive model you find in $200 Citizen watches.

nightfury95 commented on My first Cartier! ·


Delugs is based in Singapore. And unfortunately, they won't be selling any more straps for the Santos because they got a notice last year from Cartier about the patented quick change system and asking Delugs to stop producing straps for the Santos model. You can still find a couple of options available for sale in Delug, but they won't be selling after the 1st of May.

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nightfury95 ·

This model should not be exclusive 👀

Seiko released a very limited edition two tone Speedtimer version for the exclusive Japanese clothing retailer BEAMS. Will be only limited to 300 piec...
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Did an impulse purchase but still have time to think🙃

Was out shopping yesterday and decided to visit my Seiko AD to see if they had the new MM200 GMT on display but they haven't gotten one yet but were o...
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nightfury95 ·

Powermatic 80 winding problem

Fellow PRX and Powermatic 80 movement owners, has anyone had experience with the seconds hands not moving after you wind the watch from empty. My PRX...
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nightfury95 ·

Anybody looking for a affordable moonphase, then Casio has got you covered

Casio released new moonphase watches in bunch of colors in round and square cases. Priced at $75-100 depending on the variation (price may vary depend...
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New Automatic Diver GMT from Seiko, introducing the 3 day 6R54 movement

Seiko is going all in with GMT releases for this year. The new models use a 6R54 movement which is a whole new movement with 3 day power reserve and G...
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Availability of Seiko Willard SPB153? Is it discontinued?

Fellow Willard owners and watchcrunchers, is the green dial Willard SPB153 discontinued? I can find it online on few trusted sites but I have never se...
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How important it is for you to try on a watch in person before purchasing?

These days many watches from different brands are available online, in most markets you can purchase few luxury brands online without even visiting the store. What is the thought behind a watch purcha...
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