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Orient World Map Limited Edition: Not Your Dad's World Timer

A running theme (or trope) in my reviews is how much I simp for reissue watches, particularly those whose original models have a compelling history, o...
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I have a theory...

If any of you guys own modern Tissots, you know that most of them have a press-on caseback with an unusual red plastic gasket instead of a typical rub...
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Time Attack: Tissot PRX Powermatic 80 vs. Q Timex

If there is one universal constant, it’s that vintage will never go out of style. Regardless if you wear old Levi’s, drive a ‘69 Chevelle, or listen t...
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ofQuartz commented on What’s a watch you want but will probably never get? ·

The newer Hamilton Khaki Navy Scuba. It looks like a great Submariner alternative, but imo it has a price that's too high-$995. If I'm spending that much I'd rather have something with more originality, like a Chris Ward C60.

ofQuartz commented on Who Buys Something Like This!?! ·

Hodinkee staff

ofQuartz commented on Seagull 1963: The Chinese Watch You SHOULD Buy ·

I'm totally with you on the chronograph thing. I think the Seagull is a good watch if you wanna test the waters with a mechanical chrono, but not necessarily as a first mechanical watch or first watch in general. Admittedly I don't wear it as much as I used to when I first got it because of the QC issues I've heard of

ofQuartz commented on Vostok Fans ·

Vostok holds a special place in my heart because the very first mechanical watch I bought with my own money was a 090059 Scuba Dude. My meager collection up until that point peaked with that watch and I regret selling it to this day. But that void was filled by one of my affordable grails-the Komandirskie 030598-and I can't believe that such a gorgeous dive watch was made by the same people who make stuff like the Admiral Kuznetsov.

When Russia invaded Ukraine last month I did have my doubts about wearing my 030598, because I didn't want people thinking I supported Putin or some bullshit like that. But then I realized that my watch wasn't made by him-regular, everyday people produced this watch in a small city. And I've also noticed lots of people have become xenophobic and racist towards Russian people, which is simply intolerable, especially in an age where so many people claim that they're "enlightened". 

My love for Vostok as a brand, I feel, lends itself to my support of the innocent Russian people of the world who never asked for this war, and who are being unfairly discriminated against across the globe. If it was possible I'd buy Vostoks by giving cash money directly to the Chistopol factory workers, so Putin couldn't tax it to fund his war.

God bless Vostok.

ofQuartz commented on Had too much time on my hands (lol) so I made this ·

I'm just a college kid studying journalism, lol. My dad did work in advertising when I was a kid, but that obviously doesn't count unless you consider abstract skills to be genetic. Admittedly I do know how to write some good copy thanks to what I've studied.

I used Open Sans Condensed for the body and Condensed Bold for the heading.

ofQuartz commented on What's a watch you personally dislike that you'd feel comfortable recommending to a new collector? ·

That's the same reason I bought my Arnie; I wanted that rugged functionality but I don’t really like Casio's design language

ofQuartz commented on How many straps do you own? Be honest! ·

Too many.

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Tissot PRX Powermatic 80: One Watch To Rule Them All

The 70s were weird for a lot of people. Amidst all the now-classic records, bell-bottom jeans and wild hair, the cars they drove and the politicians t...
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Had too much time on my hands (lol) so I made this

I got bored this evening and thought, "what if Vostok actually had a significant presence in the US, beyond watch enthusiasts?" So I fired up Adobe CC...
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What's a watch you personally dislike that you'd feel comfortable recommending to a new collector?

We all have our horological likes and dislikes; what seems like wrist-worn gold (sometimes literally) to you or I could be a wild animal's fecal matte...
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Have you guys ever noticed this?

I was window shopping at Raketa's website the other day when I noticed that they have a 10-minute sound clip of one of their in house calibers ticking...
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The Spieljust 1: Damage Control

Like all good watch collectors, we like to either have our watches look pristine, or for them to have evidence of rough-and-tumble, hardscrabble labor...
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Seiko Recraft SRPC09: Greatest Hits Album

Wherever you go, it seems like everyone is aching for the "good ol' days". In an age where everyone from your grade school lunch lady to the people wh...
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What does water resistance mean to YOU?

We all know water resistance is key to the ownership of any timepiece. Without it we wouldn't truly know the limits of any of our watches, and some Ja...
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