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NWA - Nicholas Hacko MKII orange dial

Waiting since they were announced and I got my deposit down. I have one of the first runs of the blue edition. Waited all day to drive to the FedEx De...

Afternoon swap time to the Nick Hacko MKII ... And a trip to watches of Switzerland

Thought I was getting my newest orange dial but due to FedEx delays in TN, it should be here Monday. So, instead inthrew on the OG Blue dial. #24 of 9...

New member for a month, thank you crunchers.

Thank you all for making me feel so welcomed even though I had never posted the obligatory #welcome post here. This picture is from the #norepeatNovem...

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commented on revzman's WRUW

So good, right?

commented on revzman's WRUW

Thank you! And thank the previous owners. :)

commented on PRX or small second Tsuyosa?

Can get a used PRX on the cheap too maybe

commented on PRX or small second Tsuyosa?

I don't blame you, as an OG PRX owner, I knew I had to have the Tsuyosa too. Grabbed the green/gold as I have enough blue dial watches right now anyway. But I tend to gravitate away from date window watches as of late anyway.

commented on revzman's WRUW

Thank you! If I had to keep 1 of my vintage Hamiltons, this would probably be the one.

commented on Have I Found The Solution?!

Just One More Box, has a good ring to it. 馃槀

commented on NWA - Nicholas Hacko MKII orange dial

Yes, I pretty much just had to go based on my gut and feeling and research into the watchmaker. I wasn't disappointed in the least.

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NWA Zelos Eagle 2 ... Titanium type b flieger

I recently picked up a bronze orange dial SF but gently preowned off of eBay. This one, I waited for the countdown and got myself #41 . Granted these...

Arcange SD05, French microbrand

Backed via Kickstarter last year, this lovely piece showed up a couple weeks ago. A little late but it was worth it for sure. Virgil Lobertr茅au really...