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Great travel watch - Casio Oceanus T200

Decided to bring the Casio Oceanus T200 for the family holiday. Ticks all the boxes for a good travel watch. Fuss free and easy to set different time...

What has 8 hands and sexy AF?

The 3220.50! So many complications and hands, and so much to look at on the dial, applied indices and applied Omega logo for not too much money (compa...

King Quartz

The 2 King Quartz watches I own. Fantastic looking and both still work like a charm despite each being more than 45 years old! The one on the left is...

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weng_c commented on New release from Vulcain ·

Artificial scarcity.

weng_c commented on New Formex "BABY" Reef 39.5 MM ·

This is a handsome diver!

weng_c commented on For god's sake, can we finally put a fork in it? AKA, putting an end to threads about "which watch is a better investment?" or "which watch will hold its value better?" ·

Well said!

I always tell people who ask to buy what they can afford and what they like.

If anyone really wants something tangible with future value to pass down to their descendants, just buy gold. At least there is intrinsic value in pure gold (Of course, there are still many factors that would determine how much money your descendants would get).

weng_c commented on Atomic Syncing ·

Thank you!

weng_c commented on Atomic Syncing ·

Share what is the app you use. Thanks!

weng_c commented on Should I give up my Rolex dreams to buy a motorcycle to ride with my wife. But then have to settle and get a Tudor instead? ·

The experiences you will have with your wife and the supercub will be priceless! Plus you will get to enjoy both the supercub and the Tudor and form precious memories.

weng_c commented on Cartier Santos - Medium or Large ·


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Badge whoring - show me some love

I need 2 mentions @weng_c , 17 bullseyes 🎯 and 28 100% 💯 to get the respective badges. All contributions appreciated. 🤣

SBGG003 - Neo vintage JDM quartz Grand Seiko review

If you have seen my other post, this was a intoxicated purchase that came out good. I won’t bore you with the purchase details and go straight to the...

Grand Seiko SBGG003

4.8 Avg. Score

The weekend starts now

The weekend has started! Great wine paired with a nice watch. It’s 5pm somewhere.

Tempted fate and got this gem

Well… where to start with this… Was messing about looking auction sites after a few drinks and started looking at the watches on my watch list. Filled...

Ultrasonic cleaner

Got this battery operated ultrasonic cleaner from AliExpress for US$3.60 shipped and it’s a godsend! Used it to clean my vintage watch bracelets. 40/5...

Watch thickness (updated with pictures)

As with all things watches, specifications on paper doesn’t always directly translate to how it wears on wrist. My 3 thickest automatic watches are th...