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Hard to decide how much is too much.

Anyone else struggle to work out which way to go in terms of setting a budget? For me, spending around £2000-£3000 on a watch would be a lot. It’s in...

Best Automatic Watches Under $500

Been looking at expanding my automatic watch collection with some timepieces to diversify my daily wrist wear, need some underrated picks ✌🏻

Where is the price "sweet spot" for watches?

Just a pole for fun to see what we think. As a Casio and G-Shock fan I say under $200 for me.
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Can’t afford a Panerai so I got this instead…Hamilton Khaki Action

Can’t afford a Panerai so I got this…it’s unique looking, the Year 2000, Hamilton #khaki Action 6309, Quartz #movement #eta 955.112, 100m WR, 40mm cas...

NEW British Microbrand! Monro

This is an absolute beauty! Insane that this is Monro's first release and what's coming next is even more exciting

Baihua--Shenyang City Watch Factory, Liaoning Province

It's been a few days since this arrived, and I did a WRUW post a couple of days ago, but on a different (leather instead of fabric) strap. It's been a...

My budget collection

I started my collection with casios, and then got the seiko 5 (which is absolutely beautiful), was gifted the swatch chronograph and today i bought th...

Best Between $100-$250?

So, as a bit of an expansion on my previous poll; I'm curious to hear your opinion. What would you say are some of the best watches between $100 - $25...

New Beater! Pagani Design Paul Newman Daytona Homage

So… I was curious what Pagani Design was about. I paid just $57 CAD about 3 weeks ago. I figured, worst case scenario it becomes a really nice beater...

Rolex explorer/oyster perpetual alternative? I need your help!

I'm struggling to find a good alternative on the lower price point, reputable brand, good markers and hands, finishing and case design. And yes I know...