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Another Merkur on Fluco nooshoos...

...and, again, thanks to Holben's for a short classic smooth no-stitch leather strap. Just right to keep interest on the dial.
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Seizenn Cali on Fluco Record

Hat tip to Holben's for carrying nice short leather straps. With this strap, it feels like the watch was built for me.
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Beijing Zun Jue w/SB18 movement

Ric Capucho, who very generously donated the watch to the AMCHPR collection, noted: "handwinding, powered by some sort of hybrid between the SB18 that...
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AlbertaTime commented on Another Merkur on Fluco nooshoos... ·

The Chinese standard/Tongji movement is one of the most ubiquitous watch movements in the world.

For decades, in fact, it was the centrally mandated movement produced by all but three watch factories in the country. And for good reason--it made repair and upkeep easy as movement parts from one factory were very much mostly directly swappable for parts from elsewhere. (more details here.)

Although it's true that the Tongji quality had declined some since the 70s and 80s, companies like Merkur are modifying the manufacture and QC to meet better standards again.

The movement design itself is decent--all depends on QC and assembly.

There's a great discussion in this Watchuseek thread.

AlbertaTime commented on Another Merkur on Fluco nooshoos... ·

It's a very budget watch...with a lot of style and a perfectly workable Chinese standard/Tongji mechanical movement. Mine easily keeps good enough time for non-critical day-to-day wear.

Is it a $500 watch? No. Is it good value at its price point: Oh yeah, I think certainly.

I wouldn't recommend it for daily wear in adverse conditions, but for office wear (especially in a rotation) or evening, sure. Perfect for that.

And, yup, the salmon dial version is a real looker, too. I'm thinking of getting the black dial...

AlbertaTime commented on CNS Watch Bands Website Shut Down ·

I've had great service and products from CNS, for years now. Love those folks.

I have a differing opinion about the trademark holder.

AlbertaTime commented on To Kanji… or NOT to Kanji? That is the Question. ·

Use kanji--it will teach you as you use it.

AlbertaTime commented on Another Merkur Group beauty arrives at the AMCHPR ·

My wallet shares your danger, foggy.

The red Cali is genuine eye candy, And so is the green...and the blue...

And, yep--thank you right back atcha: I hadn't noticed that world timer. I have a trip coming up, I hope, and...yeah.

And there's the great dial retro dress watch with gold and bronze accents...

AlbertaTime commented on Another Merkur Group beauty arrives at the AMCHPR ·

That's what I think. They're an inexpensive way to spice up a watch collection.

And Merkur, across their brands, is better than most when it comes to ensuring their own very recognizable touches on classic looks. Merkur Group has some personal style.

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Another Merkur Group beauty arrives at the AMCHPR

Seizenn California Dial Retro. I've always had a sweet spot for Cali dials--now I have one. Pretty good budget bang for the buck (under $80).
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Couldn't resist. The Timex Q resides at the AMCHPR

...and I'm pretty sure it's not exactly wrong that one fits in a museum of (mostly) Chinese watches. It's my first Timex. I have an Acqua, but it's ne...
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Shanghai 581 homage with Han indices

Hanzi was almost never used for indices on VCMs, and never on the A-581/A611 style watches, so this circa 2012 Shanghai licensed homage to the old sty...
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2011/12 USSea-Gull Ltd. Edition re-issue Wuyi 51 五一 (again)

Just another shoot of the 2011/12 Wuyi. I love the Wuyi/51 logo
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Purchased 2009, 500m Aqualung on aftermarket Watchdoo

The photos were taken today, The watch is 14 years old and was my primary daily wear watch for about 9 years. I still wear it lots. Tough as nails. Se...
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2015 Watchuseek F71 HKED Bundeswehr project watch and an old (well built) French compass

The 2015 Watchuseek F71 HKED Bundeswehr homage project watch was ably guided by Ed Tse of HKED and a dedicated group of forum members. The strap is CN...
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Two dragons, one's the Sea-Gull 813.384...and a Shanghai side step.

The other is a brass lid, from what I don't know--but it was a very kind gift from someone who knows my interests, and it arrived today. It's about 7"...
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