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My 2024 #sotc!

So being a recent newbie to WatchCrunch and the watch collecting online world, state of the collection is something new to me. I like the concept of s...

NWA - Timex Marlin Moonphase

So I got the email ad for Timex鈥檚 latest Marlin, the 40mm Moonphase. I was itching to buy a new watch and decided to add this Moonphase to my collecti...

NWA G-Shock GWM-5610

This watch has been on my list for a few months now. Got a good Amazon deal with some gift cards.

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commented on mmarco2121's WRUW


commented on Serica 4512 California - Should I buy it?

Sorry, no it is not on sale. I only recently purchased it.

commented on mmarco2121's WRUW

It鈥檚 a wonderful watch. Looks so nice too. Thanks for the comment!

commented on NWA - Timex Marlin Moonphase

Thanks. The pusher changes the month on the rightmost subdial.

commented on mmarco2121's WRUW

Yea it鈥檚 pretty slick. I believe it鈥檚 a 42mm

commented on NWA - Timex Marlin Moonphase

Same. I like it.

commented on NWA - Timex Marlin Moonphase

I believe it鈥檚 Quartz. Reference TW2W51300VQ. I was thinking a blue strap would look great!

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Today is my wife鈥檚 birthday!

Naturally I needed to buy her a gift on this special leap day birthday. She doesn鈥檛 wear watches much. She had an Apple Watch for a while and then sto...

I am looking to add one more, sub $1000 CAD ($750 USD), watch to my collection at some point this year. I鈥檝e narrowed it down to these 4. Let me know what you think.

116 votes

Repurposing a fake Rolex

So my father had a fake Rolex in his collection which he has given to me. I figured this would be a fun project to change out the dial and breath new...

NWA - Serica 4512

So I decided to go through with the purchase of this Serica 4512 from a colleague of mine at work. He wanted $700 CAD for it and I bit the bullet. It鈥...

Serica 4512 California - Should I buy it?

Update - He is asking for $700-$750CAD. Should I still proceed? Does anyone know much about this watch? I have a co-worker who is looking to sell. He...