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Let's see those lume shots

I am actually beyond impressed by how good the lume is on Zelos watches. I got my first and I know now why people love Zelos. Share the love, show the...

Great value for money watch

I am majority of the time on the camp of not buying a homage or replica watch. I think they never give you the same quality or even provide good value...

Pitzmann 3 - What's your thought?

I recently saw a review video on Pitzmann 3 on Peter Korea's YouTube channel (if you haven't checked it, I highly recommend it). He gave high praise t...

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commented on Jack Mason Strat-O-Timer in flight ·

Looks like a million bucks 🤩

commented on Tudor's perfect 39mm Submariner ·

Absolutely beautiful.

commented on Introducing My Latest Watch ·

What a beautiful piece. Congratulations

commented on SOTC… all set for a while! ·

Wowza!!! Now that's a collection. Love it

commented on My first diver watch ·

I got one too 😁

commented on Bulova MIL-SHIPS-W-2181 Achived! ·

Very cool!!! How do you like band width?

commented on New Mido TV drop - 999 pieces only ·

Feels like a cash grab. Cool though

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Watchexchange - Good or Bad

Thanks to you guys I recently found out about WatchRecon, and saw lots advertisements for watches for sale on Watchexchange subreddit. I was wondering...

What's on your wrist today?

Share the photo of the watch you are wearing before we go into the weekend.

It finally arrived - G Shock GM-2100CB-3AJF

So after months of analysis paralysis, and waiting another 2 weeka for Amazon to deliver it, I finally got my first Casioak. This watch despite the si...

Where do you buy your watches from

Hey everyone, Just curious where do you buy your watches primarily from? I came up with a new options, if I have missed one on the poll, please post in the comments. Would love to hear your thoughts a...
79 votes ·

Which one should I keep? Tommy Hilfiger vs Fossil!!

Hey friends, I am trying to make some space in my watch box for new watches, and trying to decide which one to part ways with. Tommy Hilfiger - It's an automatic fashion watch that I bought before kno...
55 votes ·