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Annnddd..... relax.

After an early start and the horror of having to work today (unusual for me-I know I'm spoilt), I finally get to sit and unwind for a few minutes. At...

#WineNWatches Friday night

Pacing myself as I'm working tomorrow, but a couple of glasses won't hurt 馃槀My new (and first) Timex this evening, an Expedition North Ridge. Enjoy yo...

#NWA Timex Expedition North Ridge 43mm

My first Timex, after hearing @Yonder rave about them for so long and a colleague being generous. Initial impressions are good. #TimexNewbie #JonsFaul...

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commented on Yonder's WRUW

Cheers, my friend 馃嵎

commented on Yonder's WRUW

It's my birth year watch as well as @watchguard77 's Jon. A year that produced many fine things... and me.

commented on Yonder's WRUW

It works Jon. I prefer it on the other but this is an ok alternative.

commented on DocBilly46's WRUW

Thank you, Danilo!

commented on DocBilly46's WRUW

It's good advice, I promise馃槀

commented on DocBilly46's WRUW

She doesn't drink red, so I'll have to force it down 馃槀

commented on Yonder's WRUW

Exactly, Jon. We can sometimes be too precious about things, but those imperfections make it ours. Your Marlin looks great.

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#WineNWatches Friday night

Bucking my normal tastes with a Tempranillo this evening. And the Hamilton Murph 42mm. Hope you all have a fun night #StellarSpanish #InterstellarAmer...

Happy Easter!

Hope you all have a great Easter Sunday. I'm wearing my #MissionToMars today, continuing the #WhiteDialledWonders theme.


Bought this eleven years ago, cos I felt I needed a two tone chronograph. Still going strong and looking good. Ageing better than me馃槀 #ShinySaturday...

Lounging with the Longines..

Unseasonally warm and bright here in the UK, so enjoying a glass of wine in the sunshine. Have a good Easter weekend everyone. #LongingForLongines #Hi...

#BlueThursday is the New Order

Just over 40 years since New Order released the iconic Blue Monday, I'm moving it to Thursday with this TW Steel. #HowDoesItFeel ? #BlueThursday #TWSt...

#WineNWatches / ConcertsNChrono's

After Mark Knopfler's recent re-release of Going Home, thought I'd revisit an old classic. Possibly my favourite live concert ever. Have a fun weekend...