Watchexchange - Good or Bad

Thanks to you guys I recently found out about WatchRecon, and saw lots advertisements for watches for sale on Watchexchange subreddit.

I was wondering,

  1. What your experience has been like?

  2. What to look and lookout for?

  3. Is there a trusted user you recommend?

  4. Will you use it again?


Reddit is one of the few places I've never bought from. I joined a few years ago but , to me , the place is a hot mess and I gave up trying to figure it out long ago.

I have purchased some. But have only used reliable and vetted used watch resellers.

Bought this Arken Instrumentum. Even came with NATO adapters. (One of the few watches I have that has stayed on the bracelet, it's that good).

But for the most part I stick to eBay..

Reddit is truly the wild West, and seems full of a lot of hassle, hate, and discontent. YMMV.