Where do you buy your watches from

Hey everyone,

Just curious where do you buy your watches primarily from? I came up with a new options, if I have missed one on the poll, please post in the comments. Would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions.

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AD and C24

Manufactures/ Vendors website.



Ebay, Chrono24, direct from vendor (Brellum), Reddit


Numerous online vendors.

Mine most all come one part at a time.

AD or direct from the company

If not direct from the microbrand, eBay, Jomashop, Creation Watches, etc.

A few lackluster experiences over the last 13 years at AD's of many brands have soured me a little.

No problem at all with grey market, or used/resell shops, with good reps.

Still haven't run into an issue since on eBay since back in the day when Amazon was an unknown.....馃く

But then again I do my research, know what I'm looking for, and if it feels too good to be true pass.

My watchlist is almost always 10-15-ish or so short of being full at any one time...馃馃徎馃槈馃槄馃槵

I also wholeheartedly recommend WatchRecon.

AD or eBay mostly. Have used jomashop. I have one coming today from eBay.