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Who wears the Speedy as a daily driver?

Who wears a Moonwatch as a daily driver? Or even as a #1wc ? I’m biased because it’s my grail, but I’m increasingly thinking that this could be a grea...

What strap style/color for my Bambino?

I’m looking to get a new strap for my Orient Bambino. But for some reason I can’t figure out, stylistically, what goes with it. What does WC think? It...

What leather strap do you have on your Ranger?

This seems to be a “strap monster” watch capable of taking a variety of colors and materials. Yet I don’t see many pictures online of these on a leath...

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commented on Horolawyer's WRUW ·

Fantastic photo.

commented on Fatherhood and heirlooms ·

I intend to pass them down, but not all at once at a certain age.

commented on Kiremb's WRUW ·

This looks superb. Can you tell us more about it?

commented on Any Skin Divers similar to this? ·

Squale makes something similar. Can’t remember the name…it’s in the TGV video titled something like “best Swiss diver at $1000?”

commented on You tell me ·

Well….what is the “track?”

It’s a nice collection for sure.

commented on riverstoneflyfishing's WRUW ·

Clearly a man of excellent tastes. Love it.

commented on 🚨NWA🚨 Introducing Interstellar Elegance from Beyond the Milkyway: The Rolex GMT-Master II 126719BLRO-0002 White Gold Meteorite Pepsi Unveiled ·

Congrats, Paul! Always exciting to see a fellow watch-lover get a new piece. Great story behind the dial, too.

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Should I go for the long strap?

I need a chocolate racing strap but the one I want isn’t available in standard length. Only “long.” I have a 7.5”ish wrist. The standard covers 6”-8”...