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Decided to treat myself!

With recently attending British Watchmakers Day, and not finding any watches I liked within my budget (I’m looking at you William Wood Fire Escape!) i...

Which looks better on my wrist?

So I’ve decided… screw it… I’m going to buy my next Hamilton, the Khaki Expedition. I’ve been and tried this watch on and it looks great, I like the chunky size of the 41mm looking like a proper tool...
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Finally home from British Watchmakers Day

Only just got through the door home after a 5hr trip home. What a great day it was today to be at my first watch show, definitely won’t be the last! I...

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commented on rhysuk's WRUW ·

Cheers dude!! Proper comfy hoodie too 😂😂

commented on rhysuk's WRUW ·

What’s crazier is I work nights in a casino and only get a couple days off a week 😂😂

commented on rhysuk's WRUW ·

Definitely a beauty!!

commented on rhysuk's WRUW ·

This is the way.

commented on amfrank's WRUW ·

I’ve not checked that brand out yet! I agree that the BB54 is very versatile. Not got a BB54 but do have a BB58 and looks lovely on a wide variety of straps! Thanks for the link too! 🙌🏻

commented on ISO a good field watch - Hamilton Khaki Field vs Seiko Alpinist? ·

My Hamilton Khaki Field Auto is my most worn watch ( has the scars to show it). There’s a reason why I’ve worn this one more than any other, it’s a solid yet stunning piece of kit 🔥

commented on rhysuk's WRUW ·

Definitely worth every single penny! Can guarantee you will love it when you get one ❤️

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What is your favourite watch brand and why?

Thought this would be a good way to see what people like about certain brands. For me, my favourite brand is Hamilton. Founded in 1892, Hamilton has a...

British Watchmakers Alliance

Super excited to be a member of the British Watchmakers Alliance!! Looking forward to British Watchmakers Day on 9th March!!

My experience trying on a watch today. 🤔🤨

With finally getting a weekend off work, thought I’d have a nice day out shopping. The main thing I wanted to do was try on a Hamilton Khaki Field Exp...

Finally got my hands on the GMT I have been hunting for!

So, early last year I was on the hunt for a cool microbrand to get a piece from. Now I have a few known brands in my collection and I wanted something...

State of the Collection so far!

This is the first time I’ve showed off my watch collection. I’m pretty proud of it considering I’m only 22 😂. there are a couple watches not on shows...