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7.10” / 18.03 cm Wrist
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Hit or Miss? Credor Locomotive

Credor 50th Anniversary Locomotive Limited Edition It is obviously a Genta design and when I was reading the article, the more I looked at it, the more I liked it, I think it is cooler than a Royal Oa...
228 votes ·

The Beast 💪

I found this watch about a year ago, I think I bought it ~15 years ago, don't know why, maybe just interested me or maybe it was a few glasses of wine...

New Steel-and-Gold Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch

Look pretty good, what do you guys think? Lifted from Monochrome Price: CHF 17,200 (incl. VAT)EUR 19,900 (incl. VAT)USD 18,100 (excl. VAT)42mm diamete...

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commented on Jordi_80's WRUW ·

Nice one Jordi. Have a nice day 👍

commented on jopa00's WRUW ·

It is a modern day classic 👍

commented on AllSortsOfQuartz's WRUW ·

You are a better photographer than me for sure 🙏

commented on AllSortsOfQuartz's WRUW ·


commented on cyclopseye's WRUW ·

Beautiful as usual Raymond. 💯

commented on grand.psycho's WRUW ·

Cheers Ian 👊🏻

commented on TacoTimeTony's WRUW ·

So smooth and chocolaty looking 👌🏻

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Tudor '58 Bronze

After taking into consideration all your votes I chose the least popular, even against my own vote 😜 see pic. Reason being, it just works and has an...

Which Tudor Would You Go For?

I chose these 4 as I don't need another GMT, the monotone 41 is very nice but I have a sub, so a lot of crossover there. I have always liked the '58 bronze and miss the MN FXD I used to have. Which wo...
436 votes ·

Basel Visit

Hi Crunchers, I was visiting the Bucherer AD I use in Basel, didn't buy anything was just paying a visit. Nothing available on my wish list but I coul...

Tried On Quite A Few Watches Today...

But these Were my favourites: Longines Majetek And Longines Ultra-Chron Both lovely, but something really special about the Majetek: 43mm x 13.30mm x...

200T or classic 300?

What do you think, the price is swaying me, maybe the size is pretty cool also?