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February Stats

To misquote one of the greatest film directors/actors of our time, Tommy Wiseau : "Oh hi March" It's March so time to look at statistics! Nerd Alert!...

State of the Collection and Metrics.

So we all like watches. We like precision. So for the new year I have began logging every day what watches I wear! now there is some variance but this...

Yo Dawg I Heard You Like Seiko… (Vintage Seiko Ring Watch)

I have a very personal and long relationship with Seiko ever since I was a kid. For my last birthday, my fiancé gave me this vintage Seiko ring watch!...

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commented on nuclearfarmboy's WRUW ·

close enough! 😂

commented on Help with purchase decision 42 or 38? ·


commented on nuclearfarmboy's WRUW ·

this is the Anachronist strap that was released by @Max

commented on CWG: Wine & Watches Recap!! ·

Such a great event! thanks to you and art for putting this together!!!!

commented on nuclearfarmboy's WRUW ·

Oh I really do! It’s probably my favorite daily wear due to working with several time zones, and I also bought it when I was going through a lot in life so it means a lot to me. 😊

commented on nuclearfarmboy's WRUW ·

same! with the texture and the polished hour markers it’s just soooi nice

commented on nuclearfarmboy's WRUW ·

Yeah this may be my favorite dial and complication!

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Today’s Watch: Random(Watch)

I’m finally tot he point in my collection where I have too many watches to choose from! Some days I know what watch I want to wear, other days I find...