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Into the Rabbit Hole

Started my vintage collection. Although many of my original watches are from the 80s or 90s now I’ve targeted some affordable vintage watches. The Ham...

Rectangular Watches

I like rectangular watches. There. I said it. It took me decades to realize it but I’m a fan. I’ve been wearing this old Skagen for the past few day....

Worth a Service?

I found this old watch in a box of stuff my parents left. They’ve been gone about 35 years. I’m wondering if this can be repaired. Do you think these...

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commented on How often do you use the chrono function in real life? ·

I had a chronometer about 20 years and never used the function. I think it clutters up the dial if not used so I sold it about a month ago.

commented on Some Thoughts on a Quartz ·

I still like my quartz watches for grab and go. Although today I need to reset the date complications.

commented on Owning 30 plus wristwatches, it's getting to be a problem.. ·

My problem is I need a couple 17mm straps so I can get a vintage tank style Longines into the rotation. I recently bought a couple new flashlights that I don’t need. At least they don’t have sentimental connections.

commented on Vintage Watches with an evil past ·

No, I never thought about that. Thanks a lot. 🤯

commented on Worth a Service? ·

I love the engraving on that Bulova case.

commented on Worth a Service? ·

Got it back today. The watchmaker was able to find the correct crystal. It was tricky because the original was not flat nor domed but had “peaks” running horizontal and vertical across the face. They are hard to see in the photograph. He said the first one he got from his supplier had the peaks running from corner to corner in an “X”. He knew I wanted the correct one so he sent it back and got the correct one.

I told him to just replace the crystal and hold off on a full service ($300). When I took it in to see if he could find a crystal he showed me a similar Longines in solid 14k that he had just taken in. It’s also getting a new crystal and a full service. I may be getting that one too instead of spending the money on this one.

So now mine is running and I’ll start to look for a suitable strap. And I need to decide if I want the other one. He offered a decent price…I don’t think it’s the kind of thing most of his clients buy and he could tell I like these vintage watches.

It sure looks better, doesn’t it?

Here is the 14k Longines. He cracked the crystal when he installed it so another one is on the way…

commented on Trends in my watch collecting ·

I have about 20…all under $500…most under $300. I sold four so far this year and may move a couple more. I may even get rid of a few that don’t work. Culling my stuff is hard for me but I’m in that stage of life.

I like my watches and most have some kind of significance. I doubt I’ll move towards luxury pieces. Right now my only reason to consider luxury watches is because I think I should have them in my collection and that’s not a good enough reason for me to spend that kind of money.

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