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Grail found!

I don't really have a grail watch but I did have a watch I've been searching for. My grandfathers Garrard. Not very valuable to anyone but me because...

Flea market find.

Just found this for a few 拢 at a local flee market. What's your best flea market find?

Interesting article for those into military watches.

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CliveBarker1967 commented on First Post

The 35mm is the one to get IMO. Very nice 馃憤

CliveBarker1967 commented on My next watch? Feedback appreciated

If it was me I would go for the Hamilton. Not for any other reason than I want a Khaki in my collection more than I want a Bulova. I assume both isn't possible 馃榿

CliveBarker1967 commented on My daily set of watches

Loving the Tissot 馃憤

CliveBarker1967 commented on Need a recomandation

Yes there are certainly alternatives if "best" for you doesn't mean mechanical. But the made in China question is a huge can of worms as everyone will have a different limit to what is acceptable. A sweat shop using children is probably unacceptable to most while the Seiko factory based in China might be ok. It's hard to know how many western watch manufacturers sauce parts from china but it's probably quite a few. It's an interesting topic IMO but one that's too difficult to discuss on a forum. 馃し

CliveBarker1967 commented on Need a recomandation

Easily find a mechanical chronograph for under $170 that isn't Chinese? Define adequate?

CliveBarker1967 commented on Need a recomandation

That's a can of worms. Living in the west without any Chinese made products is not easy. Good luck with that.

CliveBarker1967 commented on Honest opinion

I believe it's a quartz movement and sells for around 拢100. Probably worth a punt at that price. 馃憤

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To homage or not to homage that is the question.

I love this watch. I received two deliverys this week this SM and a CW C63 but it's this one I've been wearing. It's fun. It might be pretending to be...

Today's delivery.

Having asked WC their opinion on the colour of this watch I'm glad to say I think they got it right! Maybe should have gone for the 36mm but very happ...

Muggings and Thefts.

It's been widely reported and in the UK some police forces have posted messages regarding the rise in watch related muggings and assaults. Would or do...


I've chosen the watch. I've chosen the size. I can't make up my mind with the colour.

My watch collection.

I think this shows what good value some watches can be. Show me your 拢200 three watch collection.

I'll just leave this here.

Not real 馃ぃ Taken from YouTube.

A friendly challenge.

Whatch rotation came around to the trusty Strela today and it got me thinking. Is there any other watch with such a rich history that looks this good...