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Watch Shape Zodiac

One of the treats of going to a Chinese restaurant in the 1970's was the ubiquitous zodiac placemat that could tell you about yourself by your birth y...

Bulova, my unpopular opinion

@Catskinner had me thinking about Bulova today and I was reminded of something that I started to write but never finished. I put a beginning and an en...

Pete's back: The Deep End of the Watch Pool

One door closed (Pete McConvill took a bit of a hiatus) and another opened (Mike over at This Watch, That Watch). There is always very little to choos...

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commented on I just like them. ·

I have been a Sarpaneva fan for a few years. His S.U.F. watches are more affordable.

commented on What’s your favourite lyrics on time? ·
commented on New watch 1970 Luz Prestige Jump hour ·

I think we can that a “conversation starter”.

commented on one of my favorites watches ever ·

Did you use it to kill a muppet?

commented on New RGM PS-801-EE an American Grail ·

That is a statement piece.

commented on Escapement Room #3: Watches That Matter Don't Matter ·

I never get tired of the Reverso in all of its iterations. Everyone should agree. This is not sarcasm.

commented on Sleeper Watch ·

The Voumard 2000 is interesting in multiple ways.

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Ranfft Sunset

This has been noted on other forums, but not yet on WatchCrunch, but Dr. Roland Ranfft died on June 15, 2023. He was 72 years old. He compiled the mos...

The Universe is trying to tell me something.

I saw this on my way to work yesterday. I am not sure that the Universe was really messaging me because most of what I own is closer to $40 than $4,00...

A meandering summation

Everyone is going to start posting “Year in Review” type content. Some will be “Most Worn Watch”, some will be SOTC. I am going to have family in and...

Guess the best investment

The most glaring omission in @Mr.Dee.Bater's multipart series on why watches make great investments is the nearly foolproof results investors gain in the vintage market. There is nearly nothing that c...
61 votes ·

Is there a difference between a brand's "history" and its "heritage"?

We sometimes use these words interchangeably, but is there a real difference in their meaning to watch enthusiasts and collectors?
305 votes ·