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Aurelian ·

Can anyone identify...

...this clock that I bought at Restoration Hardware in the mid-1990's. It is quartz and is made of metal. Thanks in advance @OscarKlosoff .
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Aurelian ·

In Praise of Generic Swiss (Pt. 2)

I posted a picture of this awhile back and asked if anyone had every heard of this brand. Apparently, the answer was "no." I can't expect too many peo...
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Aurelian ·

All Good Things Must End and so too the 1WC

We started with 47 brave souls who defied their instincts to wear one watch, just one watch, for as long as they could. One by one they fell to the wa...
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Aurelian commented on My first year of watch collecting. ·

I like the variety. I don't see a vintage gold watch (the Vario is cool, but it doesn't count.) You need something that you can wear to a wedding or a funeral.

Aurelian commented on Getting the first ever luxury watch back after thinking it was lost ·

I recently found two watches packed away in a box. Neither are as pretty as that.

Aurelian commented on Panerai California Dials and the Rolex Connection ·

This one is one of your "Greatest Hits."

I have previously expressed some distain for these dials.  But, to have an opinion is to have to defend that opinion. It is inarguable that, especially without a date, these dials are among the most legible produced. They perform the core function of a dial. I am coming around.

Aurelian commented on What do you choose first, shirt/outfit or watch? ·

I match straps to belts and shoes during the work week. I wear a tie most days. Occasionally, I will match a tie to a dial or strap. The suit or slacks dictate the shoes.  The shoes dictate the watch. So, I guess clothes come first.

Aurelian commented on Watch brands Lost to History, and Nostalgia ·

The first one is a surprisingly good movie.

Aurelian commented on Watch brands Lost to History, and Nostalgia ·

I have read about a 100 jewel Waltham from the 1960's that took it to an extreme.  Jewel count, at least for imported watches, was largely a function of tariff policy.  44 jewels would have been at the high end in any era.  It is high now.

Aurelian commented on Watch brands Lost to History, and Nostalgia ·

32-34mm, the classic men's size.

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Aurelian ·

Rule Interpretation

Three of the final six have availed themselves of an ambiguity in the rules. Each one posted a non-conforming picture. Each was caught early and poste...
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Aurelian ·

1WC: Next Week's Assignments

So, you have your 1WC WRUW themes set until Sunday. These, combined with other rule changes should keep you occupied through the weekend. I am taking...
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Aurelian ·

Power Rankings: One Watch Challenge

It's been a few days. There was heartache. The underdog bronze watch did nothing wrong. The Cruncher wearing it did. Arbitrary rules are meant to trip...
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Aurelian ·

1WC Rules Addendum

I said that I would drop new rules on Friday and then dropped one on Thursday. Well, this is the Friday one. It is really just to add to the list of W...
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Aurelian ·

Secret Rule Change: 1WC

Don't tell them. There is a secret rule change for this weekend (and every subsequent weekend until the end). The pictures didn't work. The fatigue ha...
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Aurelian ·

Power Rankings: One Watch Challenge

It has been a week since the last power rankings and we are down to seven participants. There have been rules changes and watch fatigue. During this c...
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Aurelian ·

1WC: Arbitrary Rule Change

Before we get to the rule change let's pour one out for @Davemcc who put up a good fight before the inevitable pull of his collection did him in. It w...
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