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Censor For A Day!

We all know that WatchCrunch is meant for civil watch nerd discussions. If you have been around a minute you also know that you can also mute certain folks if you find them upsetting or annoying (it i...
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The perils of vintage #381

I broke a watchmaker. This man had done good work for me for the better part of a decade and he is hanging up his loupe. He told me that at 70 his eye...
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How Deep Is Your Love?

Cause we're livin' in a world of fools, breakin' us down, when they all should let us be. Actually, how deep is your knowledge? Which of these old Swiss companies was instrumental in the founding of t...
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Aurelian commented on milestone watch ·

With @KristianG on this, just not how my mind works.

Aurelian commented on Lucerne Digital Jump Hour review ·

Joins the forum and writes a great review. 💪

Usually the reviews here are "5.0 Love this Watch!" and no information is shared or gained.

I love and hate this watch in equal measure. I love the Space 1999 vibe, but not much else.

Lucerne is a bit of a trick bag as brands go. Because it is a place name it could not be trademarked in Switzerland. Many smaller Swiss companies would slap "Lucerne" on a dial to dump cheap watches on the market. There also seems to have been a U.S. assembleur in New York in the 1960's and 70's that would case Swiss movements and sell them in department stores. Something that sounded Swiss sold well (still does). There are a lot of Lucerne watches out there from pin pallets to watches with decent movements.

Aurelian commented on Censor For A Day! ·

I directly messaged one such poster. I mentioned that rather than 2 or 3 views and no comments that you get a lot more interaction on WRUW. He never responded. He just posted another watch with no commentary.

Aurelian commented on Censor For A Day! ·

Most people have a hard time identifying the watch that their wife bought them for Father's Day. You can write a 4500 word exegesis on all of the watches that you saw at lunch. ("I could tell by his full grain Italian leather shoes that he was the sort of banker that only worked until his second martini of the day. I looked for the tell-tale signs of a PP Calatrava, and sure enough the little glint of gold under his cuff gave it away. From its size I knew it to be from the 1970's...") I agree. I like the long form.

Aurelian commented on My Affordable Collection Complete! ·

I personally think that I would derive more satisfaction from this collection than from one Longines. The connection between cost (and usually corresponding value) and enjoyment is one that is very nebulous to me. I know that it does matter to some.

Aurelian commented on If only one watch……. ·

Raketa UFO.

Aurelian commented on My Affordable Collection Complete! ·

There are no innocent questions. This is because your answer always involves "have you considered vintage Smiths?"

For most people this collection fulfills all that would be ever necessary or desirable in a watch collection.

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Which Emperor Inspired Watch?

Only a few days into this trolling project and I am already out of ideas. Along comes @MegaBob to suggest a line of Roman Emperor inspired watches and a poll is born. Bonus is that I get to use a joke...
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Welsbro: The Quiet American

When I buy a vintage watch I normally do a deep dive on the company and model (if I can) to place the watch into it's proper historical perspective. T...
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Poll: Did It Exist?

Polls are the way of the future. Polls are what people want. Polls got what plants crave. The Quartz Crisis (or Revolution, if you are Seiko) knocked out hundreds of small Swiss brands. Three of these...
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Poll: WC's favorite YouTuber

I love polls now. Bring 'em on. Let's find out which Seiko is best for whatever Seiko is best for. Do you have an opinion about Pagani Design? I need to hear it. Until I get sick of this little experi...
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Polls: Hate 'em or Just Plain Don't Like 'em

WatchCrunch is always tweaking the site and adding improvements. A few months back they added the "Poll" feature that allowed us to ask questions and get statistical results. Many people like posting...
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Pook Watches: Nitrogen I, the unnecessary Aurelian review

Nostalgia is a powerful force. It originally described the homesickness of soldiers and was thought of as a disease, something to be overcome. Later,...

Pook Nitrogen I

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Bad Influences on Watch Crunch

This looks to be my last new old watch, and my penultimate watch of 2022. (I technically have another in transit but it will be my first of 2023.) Thi...
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