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SOTC 2023 - My Current 10 Piece Rotation

Hello WC! Today I decided to share my collection, and some stories and meanings behind them (and maybe a few half-decent pics as well). I hope you enj...

Watch Snobbery: An Analogy

Been seeing a lot of posts lately regarding styles of watch-enthusiasm/collecting, always ending with long threads of people telling each other how to...

Zenith Enthusiast... Turned Collector?

With watches I always thought of myself as an enthusiast and not a collector. The main rationality there being that I have met many I would call a "co...

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commented on Do you trust other people's watches?

When I ask for the time, I follow up with "have you standardized your seconds? What's your beat error? If it's above 1.0 don't bother telling me the time."

You can make a lot of friends this way

commented on Best you can afford or Best bang for buck?

The one I like.

commented on Bulova lunar pilot vs Large O (Omega in Greek) x swatch (crap watch in Swiss:-)

Slides right under the cuff

commented on Would you swap a Rolex for a Longines?

Apples vs carrots, these are not something I think can be compared. FWIW I'm a fan of buckley rolexes, so if you were trying to swap I'd vote against.

commented on What鈥檚 so great about an integrated bracelet?

Integrated bracelets are supposed to be a part of the watch as a whole. If it fails to do so, it's sloppily done

commented on What鈥檚 so great about an integrated bracelet?

Just another flavor

commented on What鈥檚 better in the kitchen鈥

The one on your wrist.

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Meme Part 2: Average "Fans of Watch-Youtubers" on New Watch Day

Echoing down the hall prior to the meeting are phrases such as, "Okay, ciao!" "Pyuree Klass!" "God-tier!" "Chuffed to bits!" "Great value for the mone...

Meme Part 1: Average "Investor Bros" on New Watch Day

I've updated one of my favorite watch memes I've shared elsewhere years ago. Today I present the average "Investor bros" on Patrick Bateman's NWA day...

Photo Report: NYC Windup Watch Fair 2023

Happy Friday WatchCrunchers! I run an amateur watch blog with 3 friends across the US and Canada, where we wanted a creative outlet for our watch-enth...

What watches have you let go? (Pour one out... or several 馃槀馃嵑)

I have no regrets with my journey, and the ones that have left the collection. But I'd like to see what watches people have let go of, that they miss-...

Ideal Collection Size Poll

This has likely been done to death, but it's always fun to hear about! What's your ideal collection size? For me I'm trying to keep my total to 8 in rotation + my grandfather's watch for a total of 9!...
138 votes

Write-up: Zenith Defy A7682

The year is 1969. Zenith stands tall, most known at the time for it's successful El Primero line (success despite not being the first), and it's pleth...