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7.00” / 17.78 cm Wrist
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Bring back significant watch brands

With Breitling acquiring Universal Geneve, it got me thinking about other brands, that were once loved and admired among enthusiasts, that had since f...

A night out with the Santos

Taking photos of my watch in a restaurant. Don't feel weird at all!

Horology Mt Rushmore

Breguet and Genta are given, right? JCB? George Daniels? What about ole Hans Wilsdorf? So who do you think belongs here? Can be for contributions to w...

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commented on Luxury exploring ·

Depends on the city.

commented on Seeking suggestion. ·

Ah someone starting on their horological journey. Guess he’s gotta make his own choices to know what he wants. Buying, keeping and selling is all part of the deal. Like you and me his taste will change but this is where it is now. Certainly open his eyes to other options in the price range but if he’s set on the Santos and you’re willing, I think just go for it.

commented on Seeking suggestion. ·

Any reason we wouldn't get him the Santos? Fits within the budget, what he wants. What's stopping us from pulling the trigger?

commented on What do you think about the Rolex CEO's opinion? ·

Well at least he's confirmed what we all knew about Rolex marketing and Rolex watches in general - solid watches but price largely driven by aspiration. Certainly brands on the market that are better built, better designed and more technologically advanced.

commented on [NWA] Roast This Watch ·

Not quite my tempo.

commented on Kith TAG collab ·

Can skip the douchy Kith hype beasting and get an original for less.

commented on New Release from Tag - Formula 1 - What’s your thoughts?😊 ·

What's Kith?

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SOTC time!

I normally don't do SOTC posts but as we head into 2024, I thought I'd do a stock take of where things are watch wise and what's on the horizon for th...

Julien Tonare, eat your heart out!

So I set ChatGPT a task - "Create a fake history about a Swiss-made watch, in the style of a watch CEO" . Now lie back, close your eyes, picture your...

This Patek is interesting

Despite their ability to make seriously high quality, complicated watches, I never really had any interest in Patek. Obviously way out of my price ran...

Gunning for the milestone birthday

Posting here for future me to ponder. So have a major birthday in about 5 years time. Have been thinking about Day-Dates, especially big, brash yellow...


So, over the past year, a few things in the watch world have caught my attention: The entry of a last-minute third-party guarantor at the recent Chris...

Buying watches in a resort town

This story starts with a business trip to a conference, in a resort town. After a flight diversion due to bad weather, overnight stay elsewhere and ma...