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What's the definition of "enough"?

Another lovely Sunday, taking in the aroma of my double espresso, savoring the taste of my English egg tart, while flipping through the pages of my ne...

Rado a Little Under the Radar?

The Captain Cook I had seen and heard of but really nothing else. When looking into possibily getting one I discovered these two beauties and purchase...

Is there hope for Gen Z watch collectors? Perhaps?

Just wanted to debrief my experience lecturing about the history of watches and the landscape of the watch industry to a group of 17/18 yr old first y...

Kudoctopus by Stephan Kudoke

My most precious and mesmerizing piece!

[SOTC] After 2 years of collecting

Thanks to all the Crunchers, Reddit, and Facebook for helping me complete this collection. Taking a pause right now to work towards a 鈥渂ig boi鈥 watch....

Bullhead chronograph

Finally purchased a watch ive been drooling over for a while, the #citizen bullhead tsuno chronograph. Its on a super comfy leather rally strap i got...

Colour Coding with Watches

Commenting on a post today made me think about how I wear watches and if that influences my buying process. I've been a watch fan for a good decade......

Watch accuracy apps

What application do you use to measure your watches accuracy?

I am back in love with this watch

I put this Oris Chronoris Date watch up for sale, but after switching the strap back to its original nato, I鈥檓 back in love with it. Have you ever fli...

What is your biggest WHY?

I鈥檝e been collecting for just over 2 years, and I find myself fluctuating between getting the best value among watches I ENJOY, going for the PRESTIGE of respected brands/models, and considering the b...