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I travel and follow my wife around the world.
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Watch shopping in Saudi Arabia

A few places I dropped by during my recent trip to Riyadh. No photos inside were permitted.

WTF Delma?!

I've posted about my Delma order and the company asking for ridiculous extra information or my order could not proceed. I refused and my order was can...

I've had it...

Recently I posted about my ongoing issues with trying to send my Doxa Sub 300T in for warranty service. In my post I jokingly stated I'd remove the Do...

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commented on Do you use a fart watch and what features do you actually find useful? ·

I've found my Garmin Marq Aviator Gen 2 rather useful. I'm not pathologically attached to my phone like so many others making having only the watch common. Both the fitness and mapping features have proven themselves worth the expense.

The customer service on the other hand is not as useful.

commented on Is there really such a thing as "One Watch Collection"? ·

I just commented on this very subject minutes ago. To me it doesn't exist. Owning one watch is merely having a watch. Even if this watch is your "Precious". One can still be a watch enthusiast with a single piece"odd as I find the idea" but not a collector. Imho 🍻

commented on Tissot Tour De France ·

Love the signet. Is the light messing with my old eyes or is it convex?

commented on What’s your take on fauxtina? ·

I merely view it as a part of a watches overall look. I ignore it as being a way to age a watch. My bespoke Flieger B has it on the makers but I chose to use white lume on the hands as I just liked the look. ⌚

commented on Do you micro-wear your watches? ·

Guilty as charged... 🙃

commented on All of us... right??? ·

The myth of the one watch "collection" is odd to me. Someone with one watch is merely someone with a watch. They may have a Gollum-like love for it but owning said watch does not a watch lover make... And most certainly not a collector. Just my two bits. 😁

commented on Thee moon watch Bulova Lunar Pilot ·

Great watch. 🌜⌚

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Oh well... Next time.

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Am I doing something wrong?

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I've always bought watches on bracelets but recently have purchased a few on straps. For some reason while I need to always remove links to size a bra...

Doxa 300T issues

I own a Doxa 300T and have worn it on and off for several months now. It has yet to see water and given the infrequency of its use I'm surprised that...