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Watches after a 10km hike…

Just finished a 10km hike through bush to a pub in 30c temp and TBH who cares about the watch, it’s all about the beer 🍻

Which blue diver should scratch the itch?

I’ve been contemplating another blue diver for quite awhile and liked the vibes of a Tudor Pelagos Blue 42 but ever since Jody started the Erebus marketing last year I’ve felt his Erebus all blue has...
110 votes ·

Explorer expeditions

Got to love those expeditions that follow your stomach 🤣

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commented on It finally happened ·

To say or not to say, what is the etiquette with strangers in the wild?

commented on Hands-On with the new Patek Philippe "Dad Jeans" Nautilus Flyback Chronograph ·

Great review Celine. You’ve convinced me to save my money! Thank you

commented on Moonswatch, is there a price for its value? ·

It’s a fun toy and hopefully inspired new watch nerds. I was at the swatch store this week looking at the Mission to Uranus (just the best one to buy as a conversation starter) and still can’t pull the trigger.

commented on Let's Talk About The Spinnaker 50 Phantoms, Shall We? ·

Sorry Eric but I think this model is a gimmick. Obviously fun and the night lume looks good. I’d rather burn coin on a Mr Jones watch.

commented on Hello!! ·

Welcome amigo

commented on 3 watch roll ·

1 on the wrist, 2 in the case and another to be purchased whilst travelling 👍

commented on Rainbow Party??! Seiko Pressage? ·

Looks like a lolly

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Casio v Seiko - the best tool watch?

Today’s floodboat night training so the right tool watch is critical
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Did anyone see this on facebook?

GREEN is here to stay. Which brand or watch started the trend?

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