Which Color for SMP 300M?

Recently I've started to really like the SMP 300M, I went into the boutique to see if they were too big for me and gladly they weren't! But there are so many color options they are making me dizzy ... what color would you go for?


Not sure if they have one but I always thought the seaweed is the best color for the SMP.

Love the white!

007 all day


First or second. I'd have to see them both in person. But first one I suppose if I had to decide

White 馃

Go with the Great White! I loved mine!

I bought a white but might be more about what you have in your rotation. The Seaweed was launched after I purchased the white, seems to be popular and attractive. My ad is holding a PO from the 75th anniversary watches from 23 for me to consider, I hear the SMP Blue is stunning but have not caught up with any yet. Unless you like the bracelet buy a watch with a rubber strap and order an OEM steel mesh as well.

Just like the above poster. I had a white one (the white and blue Tokyo.) Loved it but - I鈥檇 either go for the green (on rubber.) or the No time to die. For the NTTD I鈥檇 only get it second hand as that thing is well overpriced.

The blue fume one you pictured isn鈥檛 bad. Mind you neither is black or blue or any of them.

Currently I wear a 1990s quartz one I picked up for a song.


Love the white myself but don鈥檛 think you can go wrong with the other colors!


My vote goes with white!