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Jun 30, 2022
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Caffeinated Chronograph

Enjoy sleeping in and timing the coffee this Saturday. It’s another gray day but at least it’s not raining. Finding silver linings in this silver dial...
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Staycation GMT

Seattle turned on the giant white box today, so here is a window shot. GMT is probably my favorite version of the Q yet… so much so I am thinking abou...
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The Bays are Black with Gilty Goodness

Thursday desk diving and this rose is for you 🌹 Contemplating getting the blue as well but still feel happy with the OG.
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bevelwerks commented on Congrats to FARER | Win this watch! ·

Very cool watch - always been a sucker for small seconds, and this tastefully done.

bevelwerks commented on Micro Tournament Winner and Final Thoughts ·

Congrats @Fareruniversal well deserved!

bevelwerks commented on Weekly themed photo thread: The Movies ·

One of my favorite movies… saw this book in a second hand shop one day and just chuckled, and figured it was worth it for the “Exciting Photos!” 😂

bevelwerks commented on No titanium for small wrists? ·

Vaer is great looking - didn’t realize they made it in titanium! I was looking at their GMT for awhile but was able scratch that itch otherways.

bevelwerks commented on This has to stop! ·

I try not to yuck someone else’s yum unless they ask for my own unbiased opinion… and I would always preface my comments with reasonings I prefer X, Y or Z so they understand my position. It’s hard watching someone make choices that are distinctly opposed to your own, but sometimes it’s better to have them find their own way. Good luck buddy! 🤙

bevelwerks commented on Micro Tournament FINALS - Farer vs. Baltic ·

Both great offerings and I’d love to own models from both. For me, I just have to look at batting average and Baltic hasn’t missed with any of their releases. I do think that Farer is much more courageous/adventurous with their designs but that can be a double-edge sword. Both worthy champions - great work @AllTheWatches ! 🤙

bevelwerks commented on I think I'm in love... with an ugly watch - trading in my Omega Aqua Terra & Planet Ocean Titanium for the hideous GS SBGC249 ·

Seek out the teachings of Red Webster:

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Whipping Something Up

No coffee, no problem. Now featuring my kitchen backsplash - the perfect drop for this plonk with its spicy mustard nato strap.
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On Tilt

Still a looker 👀 Just one of those watches that I don’t think I could ever part with. Have a watch you adore just staring at? This is definitely mine....
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Mathey Monday

Still enjoying this guy, now being worn on its strap after I found a suitable clasp replacement. Really like the provided strap with its contrast stit...
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Horological Basketball

So I was reading a response by @nytime on watch investing thread and he put forth the concept of looking at watch collecting through the lens of ident...
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A Fresh Fortis

I was looking over Hodinkee’s recent photo report of everything they saw at the Geneva Spring Auction and was inspired by a photo of John Goldberg to...
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A Rare Actual Wristshot

Sporting the Mathey-Tissot for night out to see Dr. Strange and Multiverse of Madness. Looks mad in any universe I dare say! Hope your all having a gr...
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Friday Feel Good Inc

Don't stop, get it, get it Peep how your captain's in it Steady, watch me navigate Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha Have a great Friday ya’ll! 🤙
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