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Omeiga SeaMonster Concept

Omeiga SeaMonster Answer to the super specific question that nobody is asking: What if an Omega Seamaster and a Seiko Monster had a baby? You’d get a...
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Tudor X Crown Royal Concept

Tudor X Crown Royal Watch Concept Rich and velvety, no matter if you desire the Classic, Regal Apple, or Salted Caramel. Hope you enjoy! Recently came...
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Casio Crash

Casio Crash Concept Coming away from the Casio Santos concept, I thought it would be fun to homage another icon from the Cartier catalog. Taking your...
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bevelwerks commented on Omeiga SeaMonster Concept ·

They had Facebook/Instagram take down my SwatchMaster concept. I feel fairly safe posting here, but as I always primarily share on IG, I don’t risk it anymore.

bevelwerks commented on Omeiga SeaMonster Concept ·

I will take that as a compliment 😂

bevelwerks commented on Omeiga SeaMonster Concept ·

Oh… I spelled it correctly 😂 Omega is notorious for their copyright/trademark take downs so it was very intentional. Plus I wanted to some how combine the Seiko brand in the mashup 😉

bevelwerks commented on Omeiga SeaMonster Concept ·

Papa Smurf was always considered the Kraken of all the smurfs. 😂

bevelwerks commented on Omeiga SeaMonster Concept ·

Thanks man! No red straps? Kevin O’Leary would not approve… a shark but not quite a sea monster 😂

bevelwerks commented on Omeiga SeaMonster Concept ·

I know the helium escape valve is not loved by all… but unfortunately this love child gets all the funky traits from both parents. 😂

bevelwerks commented on Furlan Marri Black Sector 2116-A ·

Worth the wait - congrats on the new piece! Look forward to hearing more of your thoughts in your “Up Close…” 🍻

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Santos de Casio Concept

I was watching a video that JustOneMoreWatch just put out on the Casio GA-B001. I wasn’t familiar with this model but the screw-down bezel and strap c...
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Bracelet Makes a Difference

Received the matching bracelet for my Boldr Nitecore over the holiday, and finally fitted it to the watch and I must say I think it’s really transform...
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Bevelwerks Superlative Sticker Sets

Hello fellow Crunchers! Getting a head start on one of my New Year’s resolutions by designing a couple of sticker sets. And as I promised, figured I s...
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Stay Safe

Seemed like a fitting book title with half the US being hit by a blizzard, plus needed something to plonk on. Here in Seattle half the city is seeming...
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2023 New Year Watch Aspirations

Let’s not call them resolutions… that seems to committal. 😂 But looking ahead to the New Year, what are some of your aspriations with regards to the h...
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Wednesday Triple Threat

This morning’s weapons of choice… but let’s face it, still reaching for the new Mido. The SARB has been killing it lately on the new leather. #heatche...
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State of the Watchbox

Figured I’ve never done this but thought it be fun excuse to take some photos. Only plan to focus about what’s new in 2022 but I am sure you can figur...
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