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Strap Monsters and strap disasters. Let's see and hear about them!

Having only ventured into the world of changing watch straps six months ago, I am still very much a novice. However, what I've found fascinating is ho...

Double, planned NWA for my wife and I.

So we finally arranged a day to visit the AD and pick up our new watches. My wife had had her eye on the pink dial OP for over a year, so she was supe...

Yet another unplanned NWA

So, I put it to you: on a wedding trip to Vegas, is there a better way to mark such an occasion than with a new watch? I inadvertently wandered into e...

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Watchgeekery commented on drcarter13's WRUW

Love it. Still want a Polar! Enjoy in good health my friend 馃嵒

Watchgeekery commented on But stuff馃崙

You can't really love these models if the things you mentioned stop you from purchasing. Nothing and no one is perfect, but you still love things and people regardless of their flaws. I have had all of these, and the only one that's gone is the Tudor. The slab sides and weight were too much for me.

Good luck on the hunt for your next piece! 馃憤

Watchgeekery commented on Cartier Santos - Medium or Large

Cartier have 'interesting' sizing across their different models, there's no consistency at all! The medium looks the best by far. It's not a hulking dive watch after all.

Looking forward to you pulling the trigger as it's a gorgeous watch. 馃憤

Watchgeekery commented on Zero Rolex inventory in Vegas

42mm Titanium Yacht-Master is a rare one indeed. It's the one I'm after next and no AD I know has had one in yet.

Watchgeekery commented on Did I just get "The Call"?? Oh my word, I just got the call!

Congrats. Enjoy when you pick it up, and make sure they spoil you with drinks and freebies!

Watchgeekery commented on Watchgeekery's WRUW

Thank you my friend. It'll definitely get an outing the minute it snows here!

Watchgeekery commented on Who does it better?

1) Speedy 2) Chronomaster 3) Daytona

Anyone who doesn't agree is wrong!

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The flip side of NWA

Some of my fave posts on the Crunch are the NWAs. It's always great to see what gets other watch nerds excited, and why they have decided to buy a spe...

Does a watch 'category' determine how you wear it?

It's an interesting one, at least for me. The two watches pictured are the latest additions, bought within two months of each other. Being they were b...

A year in the making: Omega Seamaster 300m in Green

Finally, a year and two months to the day after putting my name down, I went to collect the Omega Seamaster in green. During the past 14 months it had...

Omega Seamaster 300m in green.

So, a year since putting my name down for one of these it's finally landed at the AD. For those of you that have had the good fortune to own and live...

Accidental new watch alert

As I was visiting a watchmaker yesterday, I popped into Cartier to see if they had the black Must de Cartier Tank in the large size to try on. A fello...