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Can riding an electric scooter damage my mechanical watch?

Like those hiboy scooters
138 votes ·

Lorier gained time

Does it make sense that my lorier gained 3 mins in almost a month?

New Strap! And some opinions….

I think that lorier makes watches that can actually be called “inspired” by other watches! Thoughts?

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commented on Not a fan of the fan? ·

Met a nice fellow at top golf and gave him a hearty compliment cause he was rocking one of these!

commented on Nodus / Raven TrailTrekker ·

Whats it made from?

commented on SOTC update - Sell one or break the rule? ·

If theres room in the heart theres room in the box 😂

commented on Zeitwerk ·

Srry whats bundling?

commented on Brushed Explorer ·

So for slight scratches on my lorier neptune i can run that over it and ut will redo the brushed?

commented on Brushed Explorer ·

Those pads make it brushed?

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The “New” Pink tudor?!?

I remember seeing this awhile ago and i just found this link!

Lorier Neptune Is The Ultimate Gada!!

Honestly i love this watch its design and ability to be amazing in any situation whether dressy or casual! Though i havent gotton any straps for it ye...

Octopod buckle alternative?

Love the zuludiver octopod buckle but thta price is crazy!! Was wondering if theres any alternatives and if i need specific straps for those or i can...

Rugged blacked out analog watches?

Bremont credit to @c3duardo Im looking for a rugged sporty analog watch preferably blacked out but can have accents and would love for it to be a Gmt...


Lorier neptune ive been dying to get!!!!!!

Whats some things you would warn someone to be careful about if they have their first mechanical watch?

As in like servicing and shocks and magnetic stuff!