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My wife's 2023 Birthday Present has arrived!

This one will sit in a safe until 2023. I've been waiting for this almost three years. There was talk, the announcement and then the years of waiting...
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Marathon 20% Off All Watches
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Grand Seiko SBGA463 being sold

I am selling a recently acquired Grand Seiko SBGA463. The watch is 3 months old & in excellent condition. My close friend had his SBGA463 taken at...
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TimeJunkie commented on Impulsiveness is my weakness ·

Beautiful watch congratulations! I have heard many people say the Ranger is hard to pass up in person Enjoy! 

TimeJunkie commented on WATER RESISTANCE false advertising? ·

Lots of great info in this post thread on a greatly debated topic. IMO there should be a test for products regarding their water resistance. Bigger question: Why so much resistance to water resistance? Watch collectors loves themselves some accuracy, anti-magnetic qualities. Anti-reflective coating, legacy achievement real or embellished, new versions of metallurgy - grades of stainless steel & Titanium, etc.  Overbuilt extremes justify Pilot, Scientific,  Rail, and Dive watches save one category: water resistance. Nobody on this thread is doing a space EVA tomorrow,  taking sorties for the departed Ghost of Kiev, or introducing a new method of fusion reaction next Monday. We all love overbuilt watches that help us justify adding one more to the collection. As someone who is old enough to have relied on a watch to dive with, divers love overbuilt gear. Greater tolerance often equal greater durability & better reliability. Why pooh pooh 100m (or more) of water resistance protecting that killer Spring Drive or Coaxial Movement? It's more protection for the movement you love. The same can be said for Gauss rating. No one has posted 15,000 Gauss is too damned extreme! I say hold manufacturers accountable for inexcusable sub par water resistance ratings on all the danty little dress watches we love. Overengineer water resistance just like the ridiculous tourbillon movement we all gaffaw about in those dainty gold watches. 

BTW, some watches do hit water. This little Titanium gem sees 2.5 hours of pool time 6 days a week & the Pacific a minimum of once a week in the winter & three days a week spring to fall. Swimming, diving, surfing, pool laps, open water miles. 2022 has seen a lot for this watch. Diver aren't all made for booth diving at a Vegas Club 

TimeJunkie commented on What are you saving up for currently? ·

Grand Seiko Evolution 9 GMT 

TimeJunkie commented on Which one to choose? ·

@HotWatchChick69 nailed it

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Welcome to Watch Crunch and Enjoy!

TimeJunkie commented on swiss watch enthusiasts ·

Welcome to Watch Crunch and Enjoy!

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COVID Quarantine Duo

I always feel better with a watch on. I have worn one of these two watches everyday since testing positive for COVID. There has been more than one day...
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SBGA463 Rubber Strap Help Please

I am looking for a rubber strap I can use the GS clasp with. I have a Crafter Blue on my Marine Master but sadly no options for the SBGA463. Please le...
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What watch will the new Felix Leiter wear?

Inspired by @007216A I got to thinking about James Bond's CIA contact Felix. A recast is coming. I'm not putting $ on any actor as of yet. I would lik...
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Love or hate the ratcheting clasp?

There is no doubt some Seiko & Grand Seiko dive watches have an unusual clasp. The Seiko clasp is either loved or hated. At first, I was sucked in...
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What do you rest your watch on at work?

I can't type three characters on a keyboard with a watch on because I'm thinking about my watch. Even inexpensive aftermarket bands/bracelets count on...
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What's the other great lume monster in your watchbox besides your Seiko?

Of course my Seikos kill it in the lume department. I was surprised to find out that my Explorer I has a beautiful lume. I guess I have too much time...
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The Explorer II is back!

Sad I broke it. Hated paying for the repair. Don't even ask... sigh. Happy to see it back in one piece !
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