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What's your Crunch Time?

I'm wondering what your favorite "Crunch Time" is. My personal "Crunch Time" usually happens right after the first espresso of the day is in hand. Not...

Laguna Original

Beach day

Birthday Lunar Pilot for a brother!

My brother is a watch collector, space lover and super nerd. The Lunar Pilot was made for him and my bro for this watch! He sent me some pics of the w...

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TimeJunkie commented on My daily set of watches

Welcome to Watch Crunch and Enjoy! You are well on your way! Great collection

TimeJunkie commented on gmtminx's WRUW

Love it!!!

TimeJunkie commented on IceCreamMan's WRUW

.... with ah watch on 馃槑

TimeJunkie commented on First post - Traska finally arrived!!

Congratulations on a great watch! Also, big props for gifting your husband the new Hamilton Chrono!

TimeJunkie commented on New Watch Alert

Amazing watch and very cool wife!

TimeJunkie commented on Thoughts on Nico Leonard?

He's a likeable jackass. I think he has a little history on Rolex (maybe a fee other brands) but very slim on the rest of the industry. It's all entertainment

TimeJunkie commented on Are you over 30 and still rocking Gshocks?
  1. 56 and love my G Shocks! My son saved his recycling money and bought me a G Shock Tough Solar for my birthday when he was little. I was way over 30 then . I was also in far better shape than most 20 year olds back then. At 56 can't day that. What I will say is that I'm going to wear flip flops cuz I can swim and surf circles around this rambling bitch in the video. She's not a beach person: you can tell. I'm going to continue to wear my old leather bike jacket. Yep, injuries and age have pulled me off of bikes for good. This girl doesn't ride either: it's obvious. Yes, I still have my cargo shorts I regularly wear camping, hiking etc. You guessed it: she's not a backpacker either. I got to shoes in her video and had to quit. Bruno Marc shoes... really? I think OJ had a pair of Bruno Marc the LA PD they confiscated when he was arrested for murder. I digress. I would like to see the girl in the video wearing nothing but a GShock and flip flops: only because she meets the legal & fashion age requirements for both

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Does crime in your area affect your wearing of watches?

This picture was taken last week visiting a local AD for Rolex, Tudor , Patek Philippe, Breitling, Cartier, Panerai and I'm sure I am forgetting a few...

What's the watch you own the Watch Community Hates?

I was gifted this Luminox UVP by a friend I call a brother. The Midwest Boy I am graciously thanked him for thinking of me with a gift. Luminox IMO is...

Are you waiting for the release of a watch you "Hope" will be made?

Are there models of watches you like that have yet to release a design that you will purchase? Fantasy designs are fun to think about BUT I am interes...

The SKX was built for this

Today was a great training experience for my son. The only time he doesn't get in the water without a watch would be a competitive swim meet. Every pr...

A new blue GMT for me !

I'm super excited with my new SBGE255! I've owned a few Titanium GS models that are incredible. I was always torn about a stainless steel model as GS...

The Omega I tried to give my wife for Father's Day

I asked to see an Aqua Terra in gold/on strap in Florence. I was told only Milan has the watch. I happened to be in Milan as a last stop before coming...

Omega Florence

Stopped by Omega in Florence with the family. I was looking for a new 34mm Gold Aqua Terra with a green dial for my wife. My son and I tried on a few...