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The one I don’t wear but won’t sell

This is perhaps my most special watch ? It’s nothing to do with price but it’s relative quite rare and meets my love for both watches & the anime...

Aged super luminova ?

Guys does anyone know of that super luminova ages? I’ve just seen this pic of the SMP300 , the left is from the Brosnan era of the 90s omega Bond watc...

Actual Travel / Holiday Watches….

Guys I’ll back go back to Hong Kong soon for a month, I’ll not be taking my whole collection (6pcs at the moment) and thinking about just taking 2 , s...

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commented on The Joy of Buying Rolex ·

I was playing these stupid Rolex games for over a year, come almost the second I just went grey market never to look back. Unless u have history with them the chances aren’t very good! But having said that my friend got a datejust in only 2 weeks…… so go figure? 🤷🏻‍♂️

commented on Anyone have and wear a Ploprof? ·

Yep just like when I lived in Hong Kong, G-Shock all year round, but Europe is another beast

commented on Right place tight TIME ·
commented on Modern Vintage Divers...these aren't my scratches... ·

The first watches I’ve worn were seikos and I had a bad time with them but at that time some of them were cheap so of course you get what you pay for so no complaints, yet it’s never been something I’ve thought of getting again, until the 62MAS remake came out and I was like yep that’s the one🔥I started having a look around but it was too late as I only saw a few on sale at a premium , and that was that I just left it there, but if one was to show up for a good price I would be interested .

I think it’s how much you desire something and if it’s limited you grab what you can even the not so perfect ones as fear of losing out of theres just a few left.

I totally understand where your coming from.

When I first got my Sub I was nit-picky too over the smallest things like what position the logo was on the crown, why? Because I had to pay the premium for the watch well over retail and they had a few around the same price for me to choose from, if I was lucky enough to get it at retail from the AD I’d take it no matter what.

This is us though ! If it’s a grail or not these things are expensive most of the time and we want them to be perfect .

Right now I’m in a similar place , I want the pelagos FXD M.N version but I don’t like the number 24 on the back, I’ve been offered it at all the Tudor ADs I’ve been to but the don’t have any old stock 22 or 23 versions. I just found what online just for a little bit cheaper a 22 version I was just about to buy it and pay the deposit to get it shipped over from the States when they should be the large scratch makes on the side of the case. At first as feeling desperate i said okay, lucky I had a problem with my card and it didn’t go through , otherwise I’d be in your shoes now.

I know too this may sound silly it’s just a stupid number on the back people say, but no it’s not for us watch geeks.

commented on Anyone have and wear a Ploprof? ·

I guess a major factor would be where you live? I’ve got a larger G-Shock frogman and usually only wear it during the summer as where I live it’s mainly cold and these larger watches are a pain to go under a jacket sleeve

commented on Patek Philippe Aquanaut alternative? ·

Even if I was offered it at retail I still couldn’t afford it, but I like the style and look, but it’s seems like the Panerai trademark case is no other brands do that much in a similar design

commented on Game: pick one watch that most represents each brand ·

Been thinking about this FXD since it came out in 2021, finally gonna get it sometime this week hopefully(M.N ver) , it’s taken so long as at first I wasn’t sure then 2 other watches were ahead of it in my pecking order , Rolex Sub , Heuer Carrera, which have now been achieved so after all this time & 2 other watch purchases before it, I guess it must be true love

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