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Love the 58 GMT

Love my new Black Bay GMT!! Fits well on the wrist. Great relationship with my AD made it possible!

New Ostrich Strap from Delugs!!

Loving the new strap from Delugs on my Patek 6006g!

Watch shopping in Denver

In Denver and saw some great timepieces!

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commented on Which white Dial watch I should go for? Help me amazing people 😅😃 ·

I have owned both at one time. Go for the explore 2!

commented on New Watch Day ·


commented on What to wear today? ·


commented on Coke Over Pepsi ·

Looks great on your wrist! Coke for me!

commented on Tudor 41 ·

Looks good on your wrist.

commented on Date VS No Date ·

I would opt for the no date. Always looks cleaner to me.

commented on Will Peteo Get a Rolex?? Ep. 1 ·

It is an excellent watch. I have been looking at the 40 explorer myself. I have owned many Rolex, then sold all of them, now back to a couple in my collection. I would go for it and enjoy the experience.

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Watch shopping in Dallas!

Checked out some watches in Dallas. The Rolex Meteorite was my favorite. Tried to trade in some watches for it, however couldn’t make the deal work. I...

Weekend Fun!

Enjoying my Patek 6006G Calatrava. Hope y’all have a great weekend!

Good Friday!

Having a great Good Friday and keeping it blue with my Pepsi. I hope everyone enjoys a Happy Easter weekend!

New watch!! BB54!

Love my new Black Bay 54!! Lovin’ life!😁

Checking out watches in Las Vegas!

Trip to Las Vegas means I gotta check out some watches! 😁

Date Night!!

Taking the Gronefeld Principia out for date night with my wife!