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Recommendations for integrated rubber strap for the Omega Speedmaster Professional

Crunchers, I want to buy a good integrated rubber strap that fits the Moonwatch. The OEM is just too expensive. I saw several from Zealande, Vanguard,...

Tudor will be an F1 team sponsor

Call it Toro Rosso, Alpha Tauri or the currently unpronounceable name. They will now have Tudor sponsorship. TAG Heuer, RM, IWC, GP, and Rolex are alr...

Artem Straps - worth it?

I see a lot of YouTube videos praising the quality and looks of the Artem straps. However, they cost a decent $$$. I always exercise caution and skept...

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commented on Heaviest watch you own and wear
commented on What watch did you almost buy but thankfully didn鈥檛?

Yes. The Tissot PRX

commented on Is Copying a Sinn??

Breitling hands down

commented on Affordable Chronographs

I prefer the Lorier

commented on Smooth or Fluted Bezel ?

Smooth bezel but no MZ

commented on What's the deal with these prices on Hodinkee?

I think pre-owned on Hodinkee are more expensive than in other places.

commented on Do you shower with your watch on?

I used to, but not anymore. Soap accumulates and friend in the bracelet. It鈥檚 a pain to remove if it goes on for a long time

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Bulova Lunar Pilot Meteorite

Ordered one. Can鈥檛 wait for it to arrive. Anybody else getting one?

Ultrasonic watch cleaner

My bracelets need some serious cleaning. I wear them a lot. Does anybody use an ultrasonic cleaner? Any recommendations?

Seiko 5 GMT bracelet clasp

I want to upgrade the 鈥渏ubilee鈥 bracelet clasp to a milled clasp. Does anybody know if such a clasp exist? Second best is to upgrade the whole bracele...

Vintage watch repair recommendation - SF Bay Area

I am looking for a place in the San Francisco Bay Area to service/repair my vintage Universal Geneve White Shadow. Any recommendations?

Watchmaker San Francisco Bay Area

I have a vintage Universal Geneve that I want to service. Is there a trusted watchmaker that you can recommend in the San Francisco Bay Area?


Finally a Navitimer that will fit my wrist. This will be joining the collection