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7.25” / 18.42 cm Wrist
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Now THIS is a strap!

Was looking for new strap reccos last month here, and you guys recommended checking out Etsy…as always, the Crunchers nailed it! This handmade beauty...

Speedmaster strap recco?

Hey Crunchers- Looking for a nice dark brown alligator strap (preferably on a deployant) for my Tokyo Olympics 2020 18k gold and black Speedy. any rec...

Has anyone seen this 1601 dial before?

Trying to verify if it’s an OEM design or not…never seen this one before. Thanks!

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commented on Now THIS is a strap! ·

Istizleather…believe it’s made in Vietnam.

commented on Now THIS is a strap! ·

Totally made this my favorite watch in the collection.

commented on Speedmaster strap recco? ·

Good call! Just ordered this gorgeous strap:

commented on Which Color for SMP 300M? ·

Love the white!

commented on SOTC…what next? ·

I looooove the Ortjos! Still remember them designing and building it on the forum.

commented on SOTC…what next? ·

Also possible GS cherry blossom?

commented on SOTC…what next? ·


Good point on the DJ. ExpII maybe?

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SOTC…what next?

I have to say, I’m pretty happy with the current SOTC…thinking a DJ and SMP 300 in the future perhaps. What do the crunchers think?

I’ll have a bluuuuuue Christmas…

But in a good way, picked up a gorgeous blue dial Carrera and received a gorgeous blue dial Santos for the holidays…merry Christmas to me! Too good no...

Baume and Mercier…thoughts?

I’m wondering why this brand isn’t more popular. Saw a Riviera model recently and thought it was very cool. Fit and finish was nice, good specs…what g...

My next purchase… it’s come down to 2

And of course I would love to hear your opinions! Honestly I could flip a coin and be happy either way…until I regret not buying the other one 😂 In t...

Watch shopping in NYC…recommendations?

Hey Crunch fam- I’m heading to NYC this week and looking ng for a good place to buy pre-owned watches, I’m specifically looking for Rolex, vintage Rol...

The classic Rolex DJ two-tone champagne dial...

What are you thoughts on it, a cool classic or grandpa's watch? I initially didn't like it at all, but them more I see them, the more they're growing...