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Talking (about) Watches

This is NOT my watch :) While I was in Houston I went into Zadok Jewlers. I was pleasantly surprised to see a Vacheron Constantin section and immediat...

It’s back: DEFY Revival A3648

One of the releases I’m excited about from watches and wonders is this reissue of the Zenith Diver from 1969 sometimes known as Plongeur or SubSea. Pe...

Discontinued Daytona

Yeah Rolexrolexrolex…I know we don’t care but it’s kind of funny: So Rolex pleased some super wealthy collectors recently with the Le Mans Daytona, a...

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commented on How many dive watches is enough? ·


commented on Which way to go ·

Buy a Gshock to celebrate your up coming vacation

commented on Do you regret buying a watch (or watches) ·

Just the first one lol

commented on Which of the 3 Japanese Giants do you prefer in general?? ·

I’ll take seiko(and thus Orient as well) over citizen though I would like a tuyosa (spelling) and a full lume aqua land

commented on MOTHER OF PEARL ·

Not just for ladies. Wear what you like.

commented on Tudor, Tudor, Tudor ·

When I grow up I want to be Mr. Tudor so I can produce something more like this:

commented on Sometimes I have dreamed in color and this is a dream I have had in more sepia tones.... ·

Such an awesome piece 😍I always kind of thought this watch was over appreciated, but after trying it on, I get it. There’s nothing quite like it.

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Surprise Explorer

I’ve been stalking the 114270 for a long time. And today my family surprised me with this mint example from 2005 (a couple years before the rolexrolex...

Brew Ti

I just bought a couple watches but y’all should definitely go pick one of these up.

Tuna Fever

Hey @Mr.Santana @Ichibunz @Whitesalmon, congratulations on your recent colab and let me just say, Tuna Fever Is Real I’d been looking for one of these...

Complicated simple watch dilemma

As there are some Crunchers that own the 114270 and some that own the newer 124270 (as well as the older 14270) , I was wondering what people thought about these two…I’m on the list for the new one bu...
41 votes ·

Which one?

One is no nonsense, and one is…well some lovable nonsense (cool dial, nato, LE save the ocean) but $400-500 more expensive.
63 votes ·