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Which one?

One is no nonsense, and one is…well some lovable nonsense (cool dial, nato, LE save the ocean) but $400-500 more expensive.
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CaptainRon commented on Finally a Part of the Owners’ Club @ Oak & Oscar! ·

Congrats on the great pick up - love the white dial!

CaptainRon commented on Omega Railmaster vs. Tudor Ranger ·

Omega has the better movement but I’d go with the Ranger. Although it’s simpler it still has some nice character and is a very versatile watch. That being said, I really like the older Railmaster and LOVE the vintage Railmaster/Seamaster Ranchero references.

Also, if you like a simple field watch with a bracelet I would seriously look at Sinn 556. I love mine.

CaptainRon commented on Micro Tournament Round 2 Day 1: Habring Vs. D. Dornblüth & Sohn ·

Wow these match ups are getting tougher. D. Dornblüth & Sohn make beautiful handmade watches, but I agree w/HorologyNash - I’d give it to Habring for their high level and inventive complications.

CaptainRon commented on Rise of the Deinfluencer ·

oh no… 😬 I love black dial dive watches…I think 🤔

But: social media…my university was one of the first to get FB and…let’s just say I could see the writing on the wall and always have stayed away.

But I know everyone’s family work etc life is different and can’t blame people for spending time on social media. And I guess it’s just natural that antisocial media actors crop up within the existing framework. Maybe they will sell me a bracelet that says don’t buy a watch 😅

CaptainRon commented on What complication is most appealing to you ·

I guess out of those, a GMT (though I haven’t settled on one yet and have a few chronographs 😆) but…

Diving bezels - I like them aesthetically and use them all the time.

And of course moonphases can be beautiful. The Ultra Thin 👌

CaptainRon commented on The ultimate four watch collection, beat these if you can! 🤔 ·

Oh wait there’s no chronograph, maybe replace the Ultra Thin with this (too much 😅?):


ok so maybe this instead:

CaptainRon commented on The ultimate four watch collection, beat these if you can! 🤔 ·







Old (and a little more gold):

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Heirloom Watches

Seeing my grandma today. This was given to my grandpa by his father when he had my dad, engraved, then passed to my dad and engraved when he had me. I...
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