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Titanium Solargraph or SBGX261

Which black dialled quartz beauty do you prefer? On the one hand you’ve got the titanium, solar movement, lume and sporty design of the Tag. On the other - the precise indices, hands and case finishin...
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Patek Philippe Aquanaut 5165A-001 Owner Review

I recently picked up a Patek Philippe Aquanaut in steel on an OEM rubber strap. This 5165A reference from 2008 is similar to the 5167A which remains i...

Patek Philippe Aquanaut / 5165A-001

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Vintage Yellow Gold Watches with Rose Gold Clasps

I am having trouble with an eBay sale. The purchaser is upset that the inner part of the 18k gold clasp is rose hued. having had several vintage gold...
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Justingalore commented on My first Cartier! ·

It’s a stunner

Justingalore commented on Who decides the pricing at Tag Heuer? ·

It’s a confusing thing as the GS is technically superior and just great.

But but but - the Tag is just so useable and the design really chimes. The light weight and matte finish make it perfect to throw around (I don’t tend to jog in the GS but do in the Tag and already that makes it a better option for me like 3 days a week.)

I have found the bracelet to have worn in well - no issues with scratches etc. maybe the one in the shop has been beaten up.

Justingalore commented on Cartier Santos Belt - Hot Or Not ? ·

Love it - but I’m biased. I wear a cartier tank belt and use a cartier santos keyring.


Ps. Did TGVs latest inspire you to look at that belt?

Justingalore commented on Solargraph back out for some 🌞 ·

I have this and really think it works will in the bracelet and it’s really comfy and light. Obviously you do you - but it’s a great looking / wearing bracelet!

Justingalore commented on Does size matter? ·

It looks great- very Muhammad Ali

Justingalore commented on I think that's it, the perfect combination of three but one in the middle rules them! ·

Agree that a datejust is all you need

Justingalore commented on Which hogh horology brand you like the most? ·

Love them - but slightly older refs a better size for me. Eg this 34 Saxonia with blue dial and big date.


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EBay Authentication Error

Yesterday the supposed Patek Philippe Aquanaut 5167A I purchased from eBay arrived having been authenticated by them. 5167A is a 40mm ref. It fit me g...
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Grail Achieved - Patek Philippe Aquanaut

I’ve mentioned before that the time I tried on an Aquanaut in Patek Philippe - angels sang out from heaven. I thought it was a watch that was out of m...
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A Genta Classic

A new pickup! This is the less well collected of Genta’s three 1970s integrated bracelet masterpieces. The IWC Ingenieur. This ref (3516) is from the...
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The madness continues.. Mission To Moonshine

I was jogging around Bank in London today - so routed myself past the Royal Exchange at about 6 and again about 7. Snapped this pick of the moonswatch...
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When scrolling still watch images on your phone

Do they ever appear to tick? Happens to me all the time. It’s like when a cat dies and you still see it running about in the corner of your eye.
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Still only 250 or so Bel Canto in the world

My buddy just got his Christopher Ward Bel Canto from the original blue run. It’s amazing to me that such a popular and ordered watch - there are stil...
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“The most exciting day of the year”

My partner laughed at me when I unironically described the 28th as “the most exciting day of the year” - on account of needing to wind forward all my date windows a whole bunch. So will you be getting...
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