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What have you changed your mind on?

I’ve changed my mind on all sorts. Here’s a recent one. The highly polished “slab sides” of the Tudor Black bay. I used to find them very boring and t...

Patek Philippe Rare Handcrafts exhibition London

The Bond Street boutique has a “rare handcrafts” exhibition running on the first floor until 16th June. You need to book online but there is plenty of...

Snoopy Mission to Moonphase or G-Shock Manga

Which of these white beauties is the best summer watch?
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commented on Argos Catalogue Casio Page 1991!! ·

That F91W has gone up only 20% in over 30 years.

Houses on my road have gone up 10 times (or 1000%) in that same period. That is wild.

commented on Swatch it's going to release"someting" in June 2024. ·

If its anything like the moonswatch or thrifty fathoms it will be a really nicely designed awesome swatch!

commented on Cartier tank vs Longines Dolce Vita ·

And the Hamilton Boulton

commented on Top 3 brands in your collection? ·

Cartier, Tudor, IWC

commented on What do you think of custom dials? ·

I love it! Makes me fancy something a little unique myself. Thanks for sharing!

commented on Do you have any snob-ish watch trait? [Edited Post] ·

A snobby thing I do is enjoying the warm feeling of owning and wearing a prestige brand - which must come from the exclusivity and that not everyone can get them.

(I do also enjoy very much micro brands and Casios and the like!)

commented on Show me your best dials… ·

That’s a gorgeous watch!

The nicest dial I had was on an aquanaut.


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The G Shock Manga is super cool

Was lucky enough to snap one up in the U.K. drop! What a perfect watch for summer! Did anyone else get one? Maybe the blue? I was conflicted on colour...

Patek 6000G or 5711

There is some chance that either one of these may enter my collection. Ignoring the value / cost - as a watch, which do you prefer? The 6000G has a cool dressy / sporty design, white gold case, lovely...
201 votes ·

Velcro straps are the best straps - change my mind

Pictured a 22mm Garmin strap on my Swatchpain, and a 20mm Delugs Delcro on my Tudor. They are zero pass through, completely comfortable, breathable, s...

Show us your Tag Heuer Formula One

Am wearing this watch this evening - and it’s just such a neat little thing. A good wearable size and lots of cool factor (for very little money!) It’...

MN or Milanese?

Which looks better on my little Seamaster Diver 300m?
226 votes ·