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Happy Christmas and thinking of others

I hope everyone is getting ready for Santa arriving. Christmas is about selfless giving to other, charity and spending time with those who are close t...

Boldr Venture new buy and very impressed

I decided to try the titanium boldr venture (blue fuel version). I really like the look and the sizes works well on my small 6” inch wirst. The moment...

Date, day or nothing on a watch face

What's your view of date on a watch face. Do you like a day and date complication. Is it okay if just a date or better if it's just a clean watch face. I generally like a clean face, but a day/date on...
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commented on Show us the watch you selected for Christmas Day! ·

My Bulova Jet Star the red dial fits well with the Christmas look 🎄

commented on Tell me something interesting about your watch ·

I got a rotary chrono for my 40th birthday. It a black watch and times the football match (UK, so soccer USA) I referee.

commented on Explain the Apple Watch hate to a newbie ·

People use to be the same when we just had horses and then cars replacement over several decades. A smart watch doesn't have to bleep, make noises etc it is just a mini computer on your wrist. Alot of younger people don't have watches (or only a smart watch), the watch is likely to go the way of the horse.

I have had an apple watch and it's great how the apple eco system works, but daily charging is a pain (just like winding a watch!). I am android now and have my Garmin on all the time, only call and SMS alerts on vibrate. The Garmin is for fitness and traing. I normally wear my Garmin on my armband. I also wear one of my mechanical watches, current favourite is the San Martin BB58 hommage. I don't see the problem with smartwatches, smart Vs complications.

On a positive, I have got one of my none children interested in mechnical watches.

commented on Who sleeps with their watch on? ·

I wear my garmin to track sleep and also have amy 5:30am alarm to get me up and out for the morning run. I do also wear range of normal quartz and automatic watches, my fav is the blackbay 39.

commented on Thoughts on the PRX? ·

I like the PRX and have the blue face version. On reflection, I wish I had got the quartz version as it more in keeping with the original. The extra £300 for the powermatic just feels a bit too much, but I did buy one and I do like to wear it.

commented on This Invicta “1953” completely erased by craving for a Lorier and is holding me off from a BB58 ·

Not on the 1953, which improves the look. Very Rolex.

commented on Who hates the new digital Tissot PRX !!! ·

£40 Casio, do I need to say anymore!


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Zuludiver octopid

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Your exercise watch

I am a keen runner and always have my Garmin fenix 7s on my left wirst. I rotate the watches on my right wirst. When I run I also wear a Timex Ironman...

White dial and white hand

Do you like watches with a white dial and white hands?
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Which movements provides the best value. Quartz or mechanical? After buying a Tissot PRX powermatic80 for twice the price of the quartz TRX i am not s...

Tissot PRX powermatic 80 35mm

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Just starting in Swiss watches

After several Seiko, G-shocks, paganis I started looking at Swiss. I went in for look and come out with a BB39. Not one I would have picked looking on...