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Rossgallin ยท

Microbrand Monday

Bausele US Army MILSPEC today for micro Monday. Anyone else wearing a micro today?
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T1mberW0lf ยท

Longines Heritage Military (2019)

I pre-ordered this beauty, waited for several months, finally picked it up and then...wore it maybe less than a dozen times in total. If this baby flo...
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JamesTil6569 ยท

Bremont by the sea. British watch, British beach ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡งโ˜€๏ธ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Enjoying the sun with my pride and joy! Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!
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TheTimeBum ยท

Vario D-12 in for review

Another cool military watch from Vario. Review coming soon!
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T1mberW0lf ยท

Tudor Submariner 75090 (1992)

Latest addition to the collection! I have a preference for military watches...not just military-inspired but watches actually issued to military perso...
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VarangianGuard ยท

CWC Airborne on a bund

Love this CWC G10 Airborne special that commemorates 80 years of British Airborne forces. It works so well on the bund
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Vikingtimer ยท

Military watches in the digital age

Modern watches have gradually taken over the world but there was a time where the analog watch was the only option to measure time, one of those secto...
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taniame ยท

Kuoe 35mm Military/Field Watch 90-002

Just a very lovely little tool watch.
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wristofian ยท

Seiko Prospex SRPB61K1

This was my first seiko that I bought new. Before that it was a 20 dollar vintage I found at a flea market. There's not much video or article about th...
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djdc81 ยท

MTM Special Forces Falcon review

A lot is spoken about tool watches. Even more is also spoken about so called 'military watches', Multi-Time Machine (MTM) have upped the ante even mor...

Multi Time Machine (MTM) Falcon (Desert camo edition)

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