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New watch day—wish it were a keeper…

I tried for several years to source this watch to mark a momentous occasion for my son. I couldn’t resist trying it on, now I’m sad I have to pass in...

No luck at the races with bb58 bronze.

Bronze is great. It doesn’t help with the horses.

Sinn 105 plus cheap Chinese clasp=much better!

Not sure what you guys think about mix and match clasps, but I found the Sinn clasp horribly uncomfortable and bulky, plus the minimal micro adjust ma...

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commented on Recommendations for an "Adventure Watch" ·

Sinn 105 utc. Not too expensive, robust, doesn’t draw attention.

commented on GMT or nah? ·
commented on Solar eclipse 2024 and Seiko Williard ·

Yeah even much weirder than I anticipated. Forgot to get my watch shot!

commented on SWC Logo?? ·

Abysmal logo. And I strongly dislike the font. But opinions are like . . . Well the SWC logo!

commented on Can’t afford this… ·

Op should read the history. The type xx owes inspiration to this classic.

commented on New Doxa Army Today! ·

Love it! Wear in good health!

commented on Any strap recommendations? ·

I have tried a lot and I like them all. I probably favor my Etsy special leather nato the most. Good luck with you search!

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SOTC 2024

Just wanted to post to preserve this moment in time. Hopefully the urge to buy will stay far away in this new year. Let me offer a quick rundown of my...

Help me choose my travel watch. Longines Zulu Time 39mm vs Sinn 105 UTC

Ok I know these are quite different pieces, but some advice would be appreciated. I am looking for a watch for 1-2 x a year travel, sometimes tracking...


Finally got my hands on one of these and am really happy. I realize the limitations-power reserve, closed case back, price, generic sixties skindiver...

Travel Watch

Ok hear me out. I am looking for a travel watch, something that won't draw much unwanted attention overseas, but I also have always pined for a polar...