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New Build

-Tudor Black Bay 58 39mm case and bracelet clone -Double domed sapphire -Ceramic bezel insert -Hamilton Khaki Field style dial -Seiko 'Willard' handse...

Fake MoonSwatches

I was at a night market last night and saw fakes of the MoonSwatches. Box, papers, full set, 100% certified fake - $40 USD each. They're a cheap-looki...

Is aftermarket AR a thing?

Sapphire has high reflective properties. Don't need to explain the issue with that. Add in a dome and black dial, and it can be too much. (Are you lis...

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commented on How many dive watches is enough?

Just got my first. Made it myself.

commented on Always_Pooh's WRUW

This looks like Fischer Price and the Mattel toy company hooked up and out popped this thing.

commented on Watch builds anyone?

Good job.

Just finished a new build today myself.

commented on Which Watch for Women?

Trick question. Everyone knows girls can't read the time.

commented on My Dan Henry Maverick

Does the black coating scratch easy?

commented on My Dan Henry Maverick

"B-b-but the moonswatch is 'fun'..".

Waiting to snag a silver 1972.

commented on Suddenly_Monday's WRUW


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A while back I decided to 'up my watch game' as they say, and move away from pedestrian brands like Omega, Hamilton etc, and over to something more un...

Watch Jokes..

Let's hear your best watch/time related joke, and I'm not talking about Daniel Wellington. I'll go first.. (apologies in advance - it's the only time-...

The obsession with lume brightness

Anyone else feel the obsession with lume brightness is not only unrealistic, but also a little silly? Firstly, folks will often compare the lume on, s...

SOTC - Soviet Time Machines

After some years of casually collecting, I've finally completed my odd-ball Soviet watch collection. All repairs, servicing, polishing undertaken in-h...

What makes a watch a 'keeper'?

I'm building a ten-watch collection. So far I have seven 'keepers' - watches I can't ever see myself tiring of, or selling, for any reason. Also curre...

Rolex and Patek Prices Fall as Subdial Index Nears Two-Year Low

Good news? Bad news? How much further will they go? I see that other gauge of an economy - classic cars - are also taking an equivalent hit. Archived...