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Hazeninety ·

Two-tone 62mas

A special build, took a lot of time and effort to complete.
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Hazeninety ·

Gold plated Kintsugi Dial

A traditional Japanese inspired watch dial, showing the Seigaiha waves, and the traditional Japanese kintsugi art.
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Hazeninety ·

Black DLC Explorer W/Black Kintsugi Dial

Black on black Midnight Kintsugi with 18K Gold plated dial & applied indices.
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Hazeninety ·

Seiko Skyliner Vintage

A Seiko Skyliner from the 70's - Such a robust movement, Manual wind, No automatic function, No Date complication, just a survivor that keeps time wel...
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Max ·

Rolex doesn't need us in 2021, do you need a Rolex?

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Omeganut ·

Which one would you choose? Hi-beat or Spring Drive?

Check this out: https://www.hodinkee.com/articles/the-grand-seiko-slga009-white-birch-spring-drive-caliber-9ra2 Apparently, the White Birch is being o...
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seniorrapido ·

Oyster case v Twisted lugs

I posted this on my Instagram (@seniorrapido) but since I don't get much engagement there, I'm posting it here also. The oyster case has been one of t...
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Omeganut ·

Which cool lume watch to get???

Hey guys! Would love your thoughts on watches with funky and unique lume. I think somehow watch lume calls to my inner 6 year-old, and it's become the...
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TheTownWatch ·

SEIKO vs TIMEX | Budget Field Watch Battle! | Head to Head Watch Comparison! | Which is Better?

In today's video we have an exciting head to head watch battle between two budget friendly field watches - the Seiko SRPG29 and the Timex Expedition N...
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doitforthedial ·

Homage watches vs Mirco Brands - Which Do You Prefer?

The sub 400 market is dominated by homage watches and microbrand watches. Personally, I have no issue with wearing a homage and prefer them to microbr...
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