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Finally a THORN

It’s been years since I wanted to own a THORN. Finally, it is on my wrist. I have to say that in the positive side, it is extremely beautiful, NH35, a...

What’s that case called?

Gentlemen, do you know what is that case of the LORIER or OMEGA Seamaster 300 called? They are dive watches of course but does that shape have a name?

Gérald Genta

Specht & Sohne Nautilus I have alwayyysss wanted a Nautilus ever since I have seen it. Of course it is not perfect but for $120 … oh no it is! Yes...

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commented on Who here counts TUDOR as one of their favorite watch ?? brands? ·

I don’t think I have one favorite but it’s definitely one of the absolute highest on my list 🤩

commented on Ready for DIRTY DOZENS 🪖 competition?? Help with suggestions 🙏🫡 ·

Just voteddd 🙌🏼

commented on Dirty Dozens championship Round 1! Omega vs Record ·

OMEGA used to supply the army with watches, so OG 🙌🏼

commented on Do you have BAD? ·

Totally BAD man! And that’s not just for the heck of it I have 2 watches with misaligned bezels and I am waiting for the double sided rings to be delivered, so 🤷🏻‍♂️

commented on Ready for DIRTY DOZENS 🪖 competition?? Help with suggestions 🙏🫡 ·

I’m with you Dev, I didn’t vote just cause I’m gonna choose both but will be updated and vote between the actual watches🙏🏽🙏🏽🙌🏼🙌🏼

commented on Vinnie.Fox's WRUW ·

Sorry for the late reply man!

Actually, their bracelets finishing are not the same at all. I know what you are talking about because my PAGANI DESIGN PD-1661 Submariner Kirmit homage is as you described. But this one’s way smoother and with a butterfly clasp.

I’m not a big fan of the bracelet but it is not as you described and the watch itself is really worth more than the price.

commented on Vinnie.Fox's WRUW ·

🔥🔥 a beautiful chunk of steel Dan!

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Did the NATO take away from it’s presence?

Tried that nato that I personally think matches perfectly… it’s on the strap again as my buddy @RustyTheSinnMan commented on my earlier post, to have...

How can I get it off?

With every watch, We get especially from PAGANI DESIGN, we get this blue protective substance with it. Now, every time that I try to take it off I scr...

Way better than any picture or video

I found it on a killer deal!! I have wanted to have this beauty of a case on my wrist for a while now. I don’t know the name of the case but this retr...

Is SAN MARTIN worth its money?

Gentlemen, I need your PERSONAL EXPERIENCE 🙏🏽 I am planning on getting my first SAN MARTIN and I was wondering if it was worth it, value for money. So what I think is, you’ve got ADDIESDIVE and PAGA...
195 votes ·

The Tank

I’ve found this one through a picture of a gentleman wearing it here on this app. Mine finally came today! Yes it is not top quality but it is somethi...