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Talking some time with my fellow

As I sit at home it dawns on me I havnt just sat with my fellow housemate in who knows how long. He was happy enough to showr his new watch he got and...

I HAD to switch

I was wearing my ga-b2100 before work, phenomenal watch in its own right. Now this feeling I was missing something though in my soul overcame me and I...

Think I have a keeper

#vostokamphibia #vostok #vostokwatches Part of me screams that I wear this. It fills this primal urge to be different and to rock with best of them st...

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commented on I HAD to switch ·

My brother in time, they ARE cool. Get one?

commented on Up close and personal…. ·

Thank you so much for this my man!! I have no words for this piece 😭

commented on Any watch you like for a highly specific reason? Tell me your story… ·

Yessss that's what up!!

commented on Any watch you like for a highly specific reason? Tell me your story… ·

The humble amphibia strikes SO many chords within me. From the late 60's design to how it gets MORE water resistant the deeper it goes! The little humble tractor of a movement just plucking away after five years hidden in my dad's things where it only gains 63 seconds every few days tickles my humble wrist at the thought of it. I just got it from my father, but the mote u learn and wear this beaut the more I fall in love. Plus makes for a great speaking piece at work as I do my rounds with the clients 😊 Russian ingenuity really is a fancy of mine, hence my name my father and mother gave me.

commented on You can’t resist it, it’s electric! Woogie Woogie Woogie ·

🔥 Such a sweet piece!!

commented on Small Ohio meeting ·

We will do lunch!!

commented on NWA!!! Tis a humble piece ·

Oooh. Well thank you 😌 my first one

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Small Ohio meeting

Brought my buddy EJ to meet @Quartz , whom got him a new watch for his bidding collection. Had to snap this pic for the sake of WC. EJ with his Duro,...

NWA!!! Tis a humble piece

Probably my most humble piece, as is a gift from my father @jiveturkey . Time to wear this beaut today as I slay the time before me, and see if this k...

I love my job

Hot diggity do I love battling against the darkness that plagues men's minds and hearts!! To really kungfu kick addiction in the arse, to shin slam wa...

New strap!!!

Afterwork I come home to find my new bond nylon strap is here!! Boy oh boy am I excited to have it here now!! Yaba dabba dooooo mofos lol 🙃

Ever just sit w someone?

Ya ever just find a friend going through a day and sit with them? Somehow we always get to watches and that brings up this app and my buddy eats me to...

Class today boys!!

Sitting in class today feeling classy!! Is there any way better than to snap pics of your watch between session?? I think not