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Bohen natural lume vs. kamasu

So, employee of mine - 66 years old Cuban Miamian has had this Kamasu, simple, he doesn't even know how to put it on time.. wearing the hell of it, ev...

M.A.D 1 Green Is Real Now

After getting my name in the hat.. strangely enough I won a spot.. decided to pull the trigger today

Saturday Morning GSHOCKS AND cigars

Would that be a thing, watches and cigars???

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Mposada commented on #WhiskeyNWatches Friday evening..

That's the perfect picture, love it!!!

Mposada commented on MrGeod's WRUW

Natural patina... Is irreplaceable

Mposada commented on New life for a small watch

Love that thing!!!!

Mposada commented on It didn't even last 15 seconds | Lorier Astra

I like @Wes_nodus system way better with the Vault.. even though it also goes out in nothing

Mposada commented on My new Polaris NWA

We just get used to the trends... But being objective and analytical .... Who else than JLC does a master control ?? 1000 hours of testing?!? Maybe Omega with their Metas. And SeaQ!? Those guys handmade, throughout testing piece by piece.. vs Rlx ..all robots... The answer is simple, yes JLC and SeaQ are way better and people will buy whatever they want.

Mposada commented on My new Polaris NWA

I think that JLC and the SeaQ are the gold standards for Subs full stop. Lovely piece.

Mposada commented on My Casio collection

This G, was my first ever G-Shock. Can't remember what I paid.. 1997 or 98 maybe, northern Spain. Had a break in in my apartment and it disappeared..can't remember the model number but I've been looking for another for quite a while now. It was a monster!!


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M.A.D.1 M&BF raffle win!!

Guys... just won a spot in the raffle for it.... absolutely excited but I don't know what to do...

Hyper Divers but wearable !

#diver #bohen @BlaiseDominique #1000mwr #100atm #qualitycontrol This time I the easy fit bracelet, superb brushing, readability.

Ming Bracelet Thoughts

Hey Guys.. overpriced? Cool? Gaudy?

Deal Breaker Characteristics

OCD and joy are a big part of this hobby.. setting aside financial value, resale value, brand name. What would be a deal breaker Characteristic on any piece you want to buy
119 votes

Helm Vanuatu Option

Does anyone wants a Helm Vanuatu purchase list spot for free? Please dm me

Guys, I'm looking to trade my Limited Edition Sinn Sta BE 104 Chrono for a Blackbay FX, or Sinn Diver

Looking for a trade, this beauty sits in my watch box unused and is a real pity.