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I wanted to thank my community here. I’m working on my YouTube channel and I’m ready to talk to the world about my love for watches. They are more tha...

Is there a dollar limit that you will not by a used watch? If so, what’s the max limit you set for yourself?

Many friends ask me about my watch collection. It’s been growing recently and many ask, how and that’s expensive. I tell them at times I trade or sell watches to get the watches I want. I buy at estat...
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Tell me about your exhibition case backs.

I am a big fan of movements I can see. This Vostok just made my collection. What about you?

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commented on What's your most worn watch in February? ·

Too, easy. Holy watch Batman! Poww! Lol

commented on Post Your blue dail favorites… Fam!! ·

One of my favorites

commented on TimePeaceTX's WRUW ·
commented on TimePeaceTX's WRUW ·

Yes it does. I’ll take a closer shot for you.

commented on New member just want to say hi! ·

Welcome to the family.

commented on The core 5. Not done collecting, but feel comfortable with what I have. ·

One of he most well-rounded,styled collections I have seen. I would suggest a Tudor or field watch to get a varied look and field. Plus maybe a Seiko as a daily Go Anywhere Do Anything watch. But well played.

commented on No Rolex in busses ?! ·

I enjoy talks about this subject. A friend of mine rode the subway with A movie star and they had on a very expensive watch. I think of safety more than anything. When I think of Rolex, most can not afford one. It is and will be a sense of status if you have or wear one. Wear what you like, be careful in places. Had a friend who got robbed because he had on Jordan’s. The world is an interesting place.

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What is your nicest yellow dial?

Let me know what your best yellow dial is?

Grail Watch (for me at least)

Vostok Amphibian Automatic Blue Dial Exhibition Case Back. I’ve been wanting one of these for my collection. I love the history and it’s just a great...

What is more appealing? Dial, style, movement or history of the watch?

I am a lover of history, but dials, movements and style are what appeal to me. My motto, like what you like is what I live by and of course that relates to watches. What is your opinion?
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What is a watch brand that many have not heard of that you like? What’s your favorite of those brands? Let’s make it interesting!

Ok this is getting ridiculous. Came across this Avalon and I just like it! I’m thinking of trying out a few straps with it to see what it looks like....

What are your thoughts on mods?

I’ve seen some good ones and some bad. But, overall I think it gives a watch a new look. That’s cool. Your thoughts?
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